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The protocol suite IPsec is used to communicate securely over insecure networks such as the Internet. Depending on how your servers are configured, you need to share different ports. We show what are they.

release which IPsec ports? - Easily explained

IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) is a protocol suite for IP connections, such as over the Internet more secure. This happens to be encrypted among others in the individual network packets. IPsec is a VPN can be built.

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IPsec should definitely work when her UDP ports 500, 4500, the TCP port 10000 and the IP protocol ESP freely give between the VPN clients.

For detailed instructions about IPsec found here. Depending we set your associated VPN server, then you need even only the following ports:

  • Option 1: UDP port 500 and IP protocol ESP (ESP is an L3 protocol and has no ports).
  • Option 2: UDP ports 500 and 4500
  • Option 3: TCP port 10000