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After the matchmaking service GameSpy already had to close in early April, many wonder players as they now have to bring their old games to life. We made for you smart and listed what games are playable with where old GameSpy support now.

GameSpy: These games have a new support found

GameSpy Goodbye, hello alternatives

Valve's gaming platform Steam has collected many of the games that formerly stood at GameSpy. So many of the games can be played with the old code directly from the library now and get multiplayer support and savegame porting equal with it.

But some unofficial solutions captured on old GameSpy games and leave again matchmaking. Here is our list of games and where you may be able to play with support from now on:

ArmA 2: Operation ArrowheadSteam
ArmA 3Steam
Battlefield 2BF2Hub
Battlefield 1942GameRanger¹
Battlefield 2142
Battlefront 2
BF2 mods &# 8220; Project Reality&# 8221; and &# 8220; Hope Forgotten&# 8221;RealityMod
CrysisGerman Crysis
Crysis WarsGerman Crysis
Command & Conquer 3Revora² (C&C Online)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Command & Conquer: Generals
Halo: Combat EvolvedBungie (auto. Update)
Rome: Total WarSteam
STALKER.Steam (Autom. Update) or GSC
STALKER. Clear Sky
STALKER. Call of Pripyat
Stronghold HDSteam
Stronghold 2Multiplayer and LAN mode is set
Stronghold Legends
Serious Sam 2Steam
Total War: Medieval 2Steam
Unreal Tournament 3Epic Games
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of WarSteam

¹ Battlefield play on GameRanger

Although GameRanger provides no new master server for your games, but helps with a VPN-based matchmaking solution while Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942 and many more games to play online via LAN.

Here you will find our guide to GameRanger.

² Command & Conquer games over Revora

Revora summarizes the support for the Command & Conquer franchise simply in a single launcher, called C&C. Online, (only one registration) to experience together and it allows so chat, friends lists, and of course the games themselves fully and free. Matchmaking, statistics and rankings are still being processed.


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install and play GameSpy games in Steam

You still have the old Spielebox of Borderlands, Rome: Total War and Dawn of War and want to continue to benefit from the multiplayer sessions following the demise of GameSpy? This is not as difficult as all the titles mentioned on page one (and probably even some that we have forgotten) is now possible, thanks to Steamworks on Valve's platform install and play.

Just give it the CD key into Steam. To import saved games, you're looking for just the Saves-directory of the root folder of your storage items and copies them under in the Saves folder of each game \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \&# 8230;

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