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With the Weather Center download you get a Sidebar- or desktop gadget to display the current weather on your desktop with many configuration options.

Note: Microsoft warns now against using gadgets, as they pose a security risk. Therefore, we no longer have the weather gadget Center for download.

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If her Weather Center Download vornehmt, the gadget is usually stored on the desktop, so you can see in front of you on the screen, the display of the weather. Windows Vista or Windows 7 users can install the program on the sidebar.

Weather Center Download: Always up to date

The Weather Center Download indeed shows only the weather of a city, yet you can look at different conditions. For the predictions you have to first set the day. Under the Button &# 8220; Options&# 8221; hide other information that you can change at will. These include the city, the temperature unit and the weather service whose data is to be used for the calculation of the weather. The supported services are weather:,,,,, and

Many preferences

can display include the following items in the display of the program is: the temperature, sunsets, wind strength, chance of precipitation and the sunrises as well. The mini-application Weather Center is displayed in either landscape or portrait mode on the desktop. The big advantage is that you can select a service from the seven weather services. In addition to temperature shows up the Weather Center Download of the wind speed, humidity, and precipitation probability. In addition, can also be adjusted in the options, according to how often the information should be updated. The Weather Center Download offers a comprehensive program that allows each user to view key information on the weather conditions.

Weather Center

Simple design, hardly any resources

Weather Gadget is clear, also because of its relatively low functionality. All settings are easy to find and agree on its own. Also a big advantage: Weather Center needs very little resources. Integrated gadgets for Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be extremely prolong especially the starting time of the computer. Important to know: The weather center is not a normal .exe file, but a desktop widget. This can be seen * .gadget on the file extension. To check which gadgets to German Gadget in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you have installed, you can right-click on the empty desktop and then make the point &Mini applications; # 8220&# 8221; choose. There you have the option to remove installed gadgets again.

gadgets &# 8211; an information center

Microsoft introduced with Windows Vista gadgets. This show different information like weather, DAX and financial information, currency converter, CPU and memory utilization, messages, contacts or a simple clock. These gadgets make up the so-called Windows Sidebar. The sidebar can save a lot of work: for example, one is through the Messages widget always up to date, for no extra surf to a web page in the browser. In addition, there are also &# 8220; decorative&# 8221; Gadgets such as the slideshow that displays images as desired. Also notes the sidebar is useful, but also picture puzzle are possible. All gadgets can be arranged in any way, deleted or added back. With Windows 8, Microsoft has made this trend to tip. All programs are now (mini) applications.

In itself, desktop widgets and sidebar gadgets to display the weather for Windows Vista and Windows 7 are already included. However, to use the alternative Weather Center gadget is worth anyway. The gadget does not work on Windows XP.

The features of weather center at a glance:

  • Different weather sources: As a user can decide whether weather information from The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, Weather Underground, MSN, TheWeatherNetwork, WeatherBug or Gismeteo should be downloaded.
  • Different styles: select from two presets light / dark.
  • Adjustable prediction: As desired, up to 9 days forecast in the widget can be displayed.

The weather gadget for Windows 7 can be installed by simply double-clicking the downloaded file.

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