System Monitor: Monitor what is driving the smartphone so

Relatively new on the PlayStore system monitoring app is Performance Monitor: Curious and technically interested users can use it to make the resources of their smartphones separately for CPU, RAM, I / O, network and apps displayed in detail and thus better evaluate which apps may the system slow down, are particularly energy-hungry or burden the data volume.

System Monitor: Monitor what is driving the smartphone so

So far, the app seems to be well received because the 50 reviews in the Play Store at the time of this test give an average of not less than 4.8 stars. No wonder, since Performance Monitor offers not only visually successful, clear statistics in the actual app but also with alternative display options such as in the notice or in small windows that are kept even with the use of other apps in the foreground.

Main screens and settings

There are separate screens for the CPU usage, RAM usage, I / O, network throughput and top apps. Between the screens you change by lateral wiping. The settings are divided into three categories application notifications and multi-window mode.

While the update intervals for the individual resources and the design of the app be determined by application, you can set right under Notifications, whether and how System Monitor immortalized in status bar and notifications. individually which of the four monitored system resources or combined displays can also adjust as in the last section multi-window mode where settings for the product or free floating (n) graph windows are made here.

System Monitor Screens 1

Multi-window mode

A special feature of Performance Monitor are the graph window, individually or combined, of course, the respective resources always on top of other content and apps show incorporating it can also conceal. The windows are always small editions of the main screens that we describe in the next paragraph. the windows are configured similar to Windows: you can move, resize, minimize and close. The graph window can be accessed either through the setting under "multi-window mode" or buttons that are found on all main screens (except in Top Apps).

System monitor screens-3


The CPU usage of the last 20 seconds is displayed in a curve. Under the graph details such as the percentage utilization of the cores, the straight current frequencies, and the minimum and maximum frequencies of the processor are shown. With button is switched to the separate display of the cores.


Here you can see how much memory is being used by the system and how much is still available. In addition, the total available amount of memory and the percentage RAM usage are displayed.

I / O

Under the graph there is the utilization percentage points, read speed and write speed. Whether this access is meant on RAM and / or flash memory, we do not lack documentation.

System Monitor Screens 2


An obvious. This screen shows the network usage, the values ​​that you can read here, the speed of all traffic, and again separated the incoming and the outgoing traffic are.

Top Apps

Behind this title is one of the most interesting screens, the app has to offer hides: Shown is a list of apps that is sorted in descending order according to their just current CPU usage. In addition to the app icon you will find information on the percentage of CPU utilization, the amount of memory taken by the app hogging and "CPU Time"


The implementation of system monitor is well done. Measured by the program values ​​are meaningful selected and displayed nicely and clearly. The operation becomes intuitive. Here it is not documented in part, what is accurately measured. Who is simply curious or wants to optimize his smartphone, finds a great app for monitoring of key system resources that allow quick integration into the notifications and multi-window mode also indicate when watching other apps running in the foreground in Performance Monitor. Small negative points are the lack of logging option and the occasional crashes that have accompanied the test the app.

download: Performance Monitor (1.99 €)
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