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The HomePod, a speaker of Apple with Siri integration, was one of the major launches in Keynote. What makes him so special? An overview of the current information.

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Amazing sound quality and intelligence - the promise of Apple for the new HomePod. but some technological tricks are already known from the competition: Google and Amazon are longer with their products already on the market. Amazon was in the field of intelligent home control grasp the Echo quick feet - the good-sounding language assistants Alexa and, not least due to the low price of Echo and Echo Dot:

Echo and Echo Dot Amazon*

The HomePod is now the response from Apple. The name is of course an allusion to the legendary music player iPod.

Technical specifications of Apple HomePod

First, a look at the facilities - the following technical data is already official:

  • Dimensions: about 18 centimeters high
  • Color: Space Gray
  • Audio: 20-millimeter subwoofers and
  • 7 tweeter each with its own amplifier.
  • 6 microphones to understand people from near and far.
  • Processor: A8 chip
  • Interface: AirPlay 2, Internet for Siri, more?
  • Compatibility: iOS 11 (min. IPhone 5s)

This makes the HomePod particularly

Apple says about the HomePod, there will be a breakthrough wireless speakers for home, "the amazing audio quality supplies and spatial ability to uses to recognize its position in a room and automatically adjust the sound." The seven tweeters work on directional beam method, including directional control should provide detail, the woofer for rich, clean bass sounds. Two speakers can be automatically balanced.


That special Einmesstechnik can work wonders, proving currently mainly Sonos. One may be curious to see what the Apple engineers managed. the conclusion first hearing is promising: Engadget compared the sound between HomePod and Amazon Echo as CD versus AM radio. Also Cnet could already keep an eye ear on the product and certifies the speaker a more lively sound than the Sonos Play: 3 and a much better sound than Amazon Echo.

The great advantage for owners of an iPhone is of course the integration into the Apple world. This starts at the coupling, it will be as simple as designed to connect the AirPods to an iPhone - including iCloud sync. Apple also refers to the interaction with Apple Music, accessed via Siri.

Siri listens directly in speakers

The language assistant Siri is invoked via the command "Hey Siri" - that is, the speaker hears constantly into the room. Apple stressed but that only sent after the key information for analysis to Apple servers. They are encrypted and use an anonymous Siri ID.

Homepod-siri-interactHomePod viewed from above - the Siri light.

On the top of the speaker, the Siri waveform informed about the activity of the language assistants - all very similar to iPhone and Amazon Echo.

Price of HomePod

The price in the US for the HomePod should be 349 US dollars. The translation of other Apple products suggests to us that in Germany the price of HomePod exceeds the 400-euro mark. It could be 429 euros, depending on the euro-dollar exchange rate in time for publication.

Thus the HomePod is priced above the competitors. An arrangement is but difficult in audio products, since it is dependent on the audio quality. No, Apple is not necessarily overpriced: The AirPods we certified in the test time of publication the best price / performance ratio of such handset.

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Release of HomePod in Germany

Although Apple introduced the HomePod on the Keynote already available, but available it is far: Delivery is initially intended only for the US, Australia and the UK - as from December 2017. In Germany, Austria and other countries of the speakers is therefore be found on store shelves until the 2018th

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