Twice WhatsApp on your phone: Samsung clones Messenger Apps

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Samsung can be inspired by Huawei: The Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017), there is set up on a device a "Dual Messenger" baptized feature that allows the user to two different accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.. The whole thing inevitably recalls the "App-cloning" of the Chinese competitors &# 8211; with a few differences, however.

Twice WhatsApp on your phone: Samsung clones Messenger Apps

Huawei offers the feature for Facebook and WhatsApp, the Galaxy J7, the user can also double Snapchat or the Facebook Messenger. This feature replaces apparently at the cheaper model ranges from Samsung called "Secure Folder" in the flagship but the application remains installiert.Beim Galaxy J7 (and probably the other models in the series) is a more direct route selected: During the "Secure Folder "each application is separated completely from the rest of the system environment and so to speak, creates a system within a system, the dual selects Messenger an easier way. The chosen app is simply copied, which means that the user has from then are two app icons on the home screen.


but that work completely independently, which has the consequence that it is possible to set up two accounts. And: You might want to theoretically open twice the same application in the multi-window view.

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In practice, this is for example in the use of two SIM cards or if the user has a separate Facebook accounts for private and professional. The feature works among other things, WhatsApp, Facebook, the Facebook Messenger, Skype or Snapchat, but it is not excluded that more applications will be integrated in the future. To set up, simply open the settings, go to advanced settings and tapping on the "Dual Messenger" where can be activated separately for the feature then every app.

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it remains open how Samsung aims to address the way forward: Two similar functions with other names make little sense in the long run. So: Either "Dual Messenger" or "Secure Folder", although the operation of course, not one: can compare first but feasible would certainly be that the feature when J7 is seen as a kind of test run, the dual Messenger could be implemented nationwide then with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Huawei mate-9-app-cloning

Huawei has not yet responded to the way the matter. At least as a source of inspiration, the app cloning of Huawei can not be denied, however, Samsung has since served pretty obvious - as is the above photo.

Source: SamMobile