Bloodborne – The Old Hunters: Weapons – all localities in the video (Age Hunter essence)

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters sends you to a usual difficult beast hunting. Since the choice of weapon will be carefully considered. In the DLC, there is therefore to find many new weapons that you after collecting the trophy also &# 8220; Age hunters&# 8221; bring -essence. We show you the localities of all weapons in the video, and also give you a detailed overview of the varied arsenal.


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With the expansion of The Old Hunters sets of DLC to bloodborne the main game continues grandiose and sends you on a hunt for other beasts with crisp boss battles. Here you can again Find new weapons, bring the two different transformations. We put yourselves in the overview and tell you all localities of weapons in video.

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Bloodborne &# 8211; The Old Hunters: All weapons at a glance

Overall, there are 16 new weapons, which you can find her in the extension. Some lie in hidden places, while you have to solve quest lines for others. Below we present you the Weapons in detail before and you betrayed their values ​​and characteristics. Below you can see in the video all localities of Old Hunter weapons.

beast Slasher 
bloodborne-mounted chaserAn iron hatchet, which can be used after the transformation as a heavy whip.Physical ANG: 92 + 36

Stumpf: +36

requires Thickness (11) and Skill (9)

 eruption hammer
bloodborne-eruption hammerA huge hammer with built-in oven. When ignited, it verschießt flame bursts that explode on impact.Physical ANG: 90 + 54

Stumpf: +54Fire ANG: 60 + 4

requires Thickness (14) and Skill (8)

By blow gun 
bloodborne-punch gunThis hunting rifle caused by gunshot wounds, but is not suitable for counterattacks.Blood ANG: 80 + 3

QS Ball EXP .: 1

requires Starch (9) and Skill (10)

 Simons arc blade
bloodborne-simons-arc bladeA long curved blade that can be used as a bow after transformation.Physical ANG: 80 + 29

Engraving: +29

Blood ANG: 80 + 5

requires Starch (8), Skill (15) and Blood staining (9)

 Gatling gun
bloodborne-gatling-protectedThis heavy firearm has the highest rate of fire in the game and quickly consumed all your mercury balls.Blood ANG: 80

QS Ball EXP .: 1

requires Thickness (28) and Skill (12)

 Amygdalanischer arm
bloodborne-amygdalanischer armA heavy club, which is to transform the whip with a long range.Physical ANG: 80 + 48

Stumpf: +48

Arkan-ANG: 40 + 3

requires Thickness (17) and Skill (9)

bloodborne-mounted hunter-saifCan be used as a folded fast weapon both as a long curved sword.Physical ANG: 90 + 37

Stumpf: +37

Engraving: +37

requires Starch (9) and Skill (11)

bloodborne-wirbelsägeIn its normal form, this weapon is a mace. However, it is transformed to mechanical saw.Physical ANG: 95 + 68

Stumpf: +68

Engraving: +68

requires Thickness (18) and Skill (12)

 Sacred Moon lightsaber
bloodborne-holy-moon lightsaberAn arcane sword that verschießt a shadowy light wave in blue moonlight.Physical ANG: 90 + 60

Stumpf: +60

Engraving: +60

Arkan-ANG: 50 + 6

requires Thickness (16), Skill (12) and Arkan (14)

 Gratias Faust
bloodborne-gratias-fistA primitive iron lump that can bring enemies reeling.Physical ANG: 60 + 25

Stumpf: +25

requires Starch (7) Skill (9) and Blood staining (5)

 Church cannon
bloodborne Church cannonA very large firearm projectiles verschießt in a curved trajectory, causing an explosion on impact.Blood ANG: 160 + 7

QS Ball EXP .: 10

requires Thickness (27) and Blood staining (16)

 Church hoe
bloodborne Church hoeIn their normal form a sword, this weapon can be used as an extended war hoe after transformation.Physical ANG: 88 + 41

Engraving: +41

requires Starch (9) and Skill (14)

 Hole plate
bloodborne-hole shieldA blue, glass-made plate of all forms of non-physical damage reduced.requires Thickness (11) and Skill (8)
bloodborne-RakuyoHunters weapon Füstin Maria of the astral clock tower. Consists of two blades that can be transformed into a kind of spear.Physical ANG: 82 + 30

Engraving: +30

requires Thickness (10) and Skill (20)

bloodborne-BloodletterA severe and massive mace, which was led by Brador, the Assassins.Physical ANG: 90 + 45

Stumpf: +45

Blood ANG: 90 + 14

requires Thickness (14), Skill (6) and Blood staining (16)

bloodborne-kos-parasiteThis unusual weapon merges with its users and can be swung only tightly clasped. It also calls bogeys out in light wood.Arkan-ANG: 30

QS Ball EXP .: 2

requires Arkan (20)

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localities of &# 8220; Age hunters&# 8221; Weapons in Video

Where you can see the DLC all the weapons you reveals the following video of the YouTube channel Beard Bear.

trophy &# 8220; Age hunters&-essence; # 8221

Did you find all 16 weapons of enlargement, it turns additionally released the following trophy.

Bloodborne Success Age hunters essence&# 8220; Age hunters&-essence; # 8221 gold
finds all &# 8220; Age hunters&Weapons; #. 8221

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