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With the Evernote Sticky Notes Freeware Download your notes can similarly take with PostIt on the desktop that automatically synchronize with Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive.

While Evernote already manages notes, Dropbox and Google are used here only as an intermediate storage. But the principle is the same every time you sync: A new note is immediately synchronized with the cloud. Evernote Sticky Notes can be used on different computers, then access all of the same notes.

The features of Evernote Sticky Notes

The Evernote Sticky Notes Download is installed as normal and then offers you equal to the opportunity to connect with one of the three supported services. It's easy and only takes a few moments. And from that moment on you can put on your desktop a lot of notes. The program also supports multi-monitor environments. In the settings you can choose to monitor on which the notes are floating.

evernote-sticky-notesEvernote Sticky Notes puts the notes in the cloud from

Every single note can change color in order to be able to distinguish, for example emergencies. The font and size is, however, changed globally for all notes. Was Evernote Sticky Notes once connected to Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox, the program synchronizes the notes at adjustable intervals. In addition, well, something was changed once locally.

evernote-sticky-notes-settingsEvernote Sticky Notes is easy to use, yet effective!

In this way it is possible to connect the tool on multiple computers using the same account and use it on all PCs, the same notes. In this way, for example, important texts, links or notes from work can send home &# 8211; or the other way around. The notes refer to only text that can be inserted via the clipboard. Here, the window size automatically adjust. but they are not too huge and hide some point a a scroll bar.

Although the website is in English, Evernote Sticky Notes is a German product and all dialogs are also German. The settings are accessed via an icon on the taskbar and you should you the program first of all adapt to your preferences.


  • Supports Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox for synchronizing
  • German-speaking
  • Multi-monitor capability
  • No

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