Language Tools: More than just a translator

Thanks to the Internet to find dictionaries such as Duden and comprehensive language tools fast, easy and free. Especially when large websites are written in a foreign language such as English or Turkish, there is the word-for-word translation out to be cumbersome and time consuming. Here online language tools can with their versatility often convenient help using copy-paste that you may be with your Latin is not the end.

Whether English-German or another translation: Free speech tools are practical and not only on your home PC but also by smartphone directly help if there is a lack of words and a translation is needed. That you may understand even in distant lands, which lands on your plate or if you happen websites Spanish, we summarize a few known online language tools and language tool apps for you in this guide.

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1 Google Translator &# 8211; What can the language tool?

The Google Translator (or erroneously "Trans Later") is the Google Translator, which you can easily access via the browser. The translation program is also suitable for translating the text on pages.

  • Currently 95 languages ​​can be selected.
  • Especially practical: You need not even to copy to the desired site by copying and pasting into the program, but simply give the URL.
  • You will also can upload and translate a document.
  • Voice input into the Google translator analogous to type using the keyboard. These are found directly in the input window in the form of the microphone icon (second from left).
  • Button for voice reproduction
  • Enter the word to be translated by handwriting
  • Reports ye with your Google account, you can also save the translation.
Google Translator Language ToolGoogle Translator you call easy on the browser.

2 web app: Google Translate

Similar to the Google translator does the web app. The reference book is a translation tool with special features specifically for your smartphone and go, always ready for use:

  • 90 languages ​​using the keyboard
  • Voice input via microphone in 40 languages
  • Translated text of the smartphone camera using in 26 languages ​​(eg, street signs).
  • It can be stored translations.
  • There are language packs for download that are convenient for traveling or with slow connections.
Google translatordownloadQR codeGoogle translatorDeveloper: Google Inc. *Price: Free Google translatordownloadQR codeGoogle translatorDeveloper: Google LLCPrice: Free

3 Online Dictionary and platform

In is not just a simple translation program but a project similar to Wikipedia, which has existed since of 2002. Review the app found in our test. The members are actively participating in this online platform in part:

  • Users of the community can enter suggestions for translations, check other and correct.
  • German and English can be translated into 25 languages ​​each.
  • Vocabulary database is available for free download.
  • Incl. Vocabulary:, and more, depending on the help of the logged-on user from Italian to Swedish.
  • In the form of Pocket Dictionaries, it is also for the mobile view optimized (PDA version).
  • There is a forum for questions and comments. Language ToolThe app of is concise but helpful.

Again, there is of course the smartphone app: dictionarydownloadQR dictionaryDeveloper: GmbH *Price: Free dictionarydownloadQR dictionaryDeveloper: Paul HemetsbergerPrice: Free

4 LEO - extensive language tool

Especially for words and short texts to the free speech tool LEO is. It offers similar a community that is exchanged on a forum. We have for you in-depth article about LEO: English &# 8211; German &# 8211; Online Dictionary already shown on the Internet, what makes the free translators and shown details of its functions. LEO can you but so far not use offline.

  • Nearly 800,000 keywords for German-combination and numerous other languages ​​such as Spanish, French and others.
  • LEO voice coach
  • Forum for questions, incorrect translations
  • Online language courses (English, French)
Leo courses online ScreenshotOnline language courses in dictionary LEO complement the popular language tool.


The LEO dictionary simply save on smartphone

Leo DictionarydownloadQR codeLeo DictionaryDeveloper: LEO GmbH *Price: Free Leo DictionarydownloadQR codeLeo DictionaryDeveloper: Leo GmbHPrice: Free

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