Icomania solution Level 4 – GIGA

Known personMan with black pants and black shoesMichael Jackson
Known personMan with blue shirt and white trousers, women in backgroundCharlie Sheen
Known personPerson with brown hair and a pair of glasses with Windows logoBill Gates
Known personPsy (Gangnam Style) with glasses and a tiePsy
Known personRed Star and a head with black hairChe Guevara
figureA red tie with white backgroundDonald Duck
figureBlack head with dog ears and a bright green hatGoofy
figureRobot head with two big eyesWalle
figureLarge blue column / hair and yellowmargin
figureGelber Kopf with spikes with violet backgroundLisa
figureHead with maskHannibal
figureMan at a Liana with green backgroundTarzan
figureLarge chain with a ringFrodo
figureYellow figure with green dots and big white teethSpongebob
figureHead with glasses. In the glasses, there is a red circle, a kind of destination deviceterminator
countryMany mountains in the background, person with red shirt and hat in the foregroundCanada
countrySushi, eatingJapan
countryJesus statueBrazil
countryGreat Wall, long wallChina
countryThe White House, big house in whiteUSA
countryViolette Blume with a lighter purple backgroundHawaii
brandCat with pink backgroundHello Kitty
brandGreen Circle of twice was dividedSony Ericsson
brandBig N in white on a blue backgroundNivea
brandRed and blue SSuzuki
brandPlane with glassesray Ban
brandThe letter F consisting of a red and blue lineFila
brandRed circle with a white dot, looks like a SmileysLG
brandBig blue E with a little stick over itNestle
brandBig blue circle with four charactersDell
brandThree black stripesadidas
brandBig yellow circle with two red hornsRed Bull
brandPenguin and the letters UXLinux
brandRoes K with yellow backgroundKodak
brandDoodle JumpDoodle Jump
brandLarge black oval as O-shapeOakley
brandThe letter L in blue with blue circleLexus
cityBig Ben tower clock in LondonLondon
cityEiffel towerParis
cityTower with large peakSeattle
cityBrandenburg GateBerlin
TV & MoviesMany houses with gray backgroundGodzilla
TV & MoviesBlack dresspulp Fiction
TV & MoviesRed 11 and dollar signsocean's Eleven
TV & MoviesBig gray spaceshipStar Trek
TV & MoviesTrojan horseTroy
TV & MoviesLeft yellow, right side black and in the middle of a red BlutzfleckKill Bill
TV & MoviesBlack pliers with yellow ringLord of the rings

Icomania solution Level 5

Known personMan with black hair and a red headbandStallone
Known personMan in a suit with short hair and a beardTom Hanks
Known personMan with a beard and brown hairChuck Norris
Known personA woman with purple jacket, mouth and brown hairAngela Merkel
Known personMan with gray hair and a cigar in his mouthBill Clinton
Known personMan with cigar in mouth and red star on the capFidel Castro
figureMuscular arms with an anchor tattooPopeye
figureGlasses, cylinder with yellow backgroundDagobert Duck
figureCat and mouseTom & Jerry
figureYellow cap and orange featherDumbo
figureWoman with braid, blond hair and lipstickBarbie
figureSix triangles in shades of orange, purple and yellowGarfield
brandCapital A in red and whiteAdobe
brandGreen background with two yellow lines next to each other and a yellow line over it.BP
brand7 black dots with white backgroundBlackBerry
brand@ Sign in the colors blue and whiteAsics
brandTwo gray triangles and the letters EN red in colorCitroen
brandC and O in black and yellowContinental
brandBlack background with the letter NON in black and redCanon
brandOrange arrow on yellow background with a white circle and black symbol in itDunlop
brandLetter B and one mirror-inverted letter B in black and whiteDolby
brandRazor blade and the letter G in black and blueGilette
cityOld-Greek building with large columnsAthens
cityThree large towers with patternMoscow
TV & MoviesIceberg with four large columns in grayTitanic
TV & MoviesMermaid in the water with rocks on the groundArielle

Icomania solution Level 6

Known personMan in a wheelchair with bowed down head and glassesHawking
Known personLaughing head with gleaming white teethSchwarzenegger
Known personAthletes / boxes with short black hairMuhammad Ali
Known personMan with yellow clothes, red cap, lightly brownedHulk Hogan
Known personBlonde woman with dog in the bagParis Hilton
Known personWoman from ancient Egypt / PharaohCleopatra
Known personMan with brown hair and beardDiCaprio
Known personHead with brown hair and blue sweater inMel Gibson
figureMan with hair in orange and scarfRon
figureMan with blue scarf against a pink backgroundKen
figureMan wearing sunglasses stretched hand forward and keeps on KügelnNeo
figureCircle with a black 53 with line in red and blueHerbie
countryPerson with a red capeSpain
countryMan with beard and red starCuba
brandLarge red italic KKelloggs
brandBull against a black backgroundLamborghini
brandTwo letters N against a red backgroundlangnese
brandBlue square, red line above and belowForce
brandOrange oval with stripes of different colorsHarley Davidson
brandThree large red diamondsMitsubishi
brandRed M with black and yellow borderMars
brandTwo people sitting back to backKappa
brandH in gray with red backgroundHonda
brandLion with a gold frame drumMGM
brandGelber Kreis with the letters H and R in redHard Rock Cafe
TV & MovieLarge shoe print with inscription AndyToy Story
TV & MovieSymbol of the quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 'millionaire
TV & MovieGreat city with a pink ladies shoes in the foregroundSex and the City

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