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Assassin&# 8217; s Creed goes to the next episode. With Origins, the player enters the ancient Egypt and is the presumed Urspüngen the Assassin to the ground. Before this part was done yet codenamed Empire. But the official name Assassin&# 8217; s Creed Origins already allows conclusions about the contents of the latest Meuchel adventure. What to know about Origins, learn it here.

Assassin&# 8217; s Creed Origin will be released on October 27, 2017th The studio has allowed more time for this part of the series something and this can on more depth and voltage Close, as in the last parts. For this known element of different games are combined with each other, so as to enable a more complex game. Some changes can already be seen from the published gameplay.

1792Assassins Creed Origins: Trailer

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Release, platforms and modes of Origins

The official release date was announced at E3 vonUbisoft. It has become Oct. 27 and we are excited. The main story game is intended to include 20 hours and additionally expect you many side missions. These are based on The Witcher 3, with regard to the involvement of small fates of the characters with the main event. In addition, a part of the story will play again in the present and thereby make up ten percent of the game.

Assassins Creed OriginsIn Origins expect new weapons and mechanics.

Within the story, the protagonist is struggling around the Mediterranean, but around 40 percent of the game world consists of cities. Regarding the platforms for a long time it was assumed that Assassin&# 8217; s Creed Origins will be available for the Nintendo switch. However, this is likely to not be the case, but the players can look forward to editions for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The beginning of the Assassins

in Assassin&# 8217; s Creed Origins, the story revolves around the first Assassin Guild in the world in Egypt. The player expected again famous people in history, such as the Queen Khenut. You play Bayek which together with his brothers of the Assassins' Guild against the authorities of Egypt.

Assassin's Creed Originsarmed with shield and various weapons, raises the new hero challenges.

The sign brings new animations and the series lead back to classic dogfight. From the first gameplay we see some new options and known issues. Whether these assassins founded the first guild, or simply the first trailers are remains to be seen. Maybe we will also experience the division into two competing fractions and the main characters are broken down in cancellations and assassin.

9647Assassin's Creed Origins - E3 2017 - Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

seems very interesting the new weapon system with RPG aspects. The weapons have different level and we can only wonder whether they rise over time or can be improved by crafting. So far we have a Kopesh see a bow and a shield in the arsenal of the Assassins. Of course, the hidden blade and throwing daggers are added.

Assassins Creed OriginsIn this artwork we see an Assassin with spear and Sai armed.

Another familiar feature will be the battle. Whether with a smaller ship, as shown in the above screenshot, or an ancient warship, will leave to unsubscribe fights. It may therefore well be that the developers of several parts of the Assassin&have taken Creed series strong features and combine them with new combat mechanics; #. 8217 We remain excited about what awaits us in ancient Egypt!

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