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The Salem series is the first in-house production of the US radio station WGN. Due to the highly successful series launch in the US a second season was commissioned in the shortest time and although the odds have now halved, it will still be at least one third season. Since 2/12/2016, the series runs in the German Free TV, every Friday at 22:05. 

The idea is exciting, because the series is based on historical facts that have, played in and around the village of Salem, near the town of Salem in New England. The mass hysteria that developed in 1692 there followed arrests and executions that cost 19 people their lives. In the series Salem you will find a lot of characters that are based on authentic historical figures, however, &# 8211; in favor of drama &# 8211; with many fictional elements.

The trailer for the first season you can watch here: 

530Salem: Full Season Trailer

Salem witchcraft: action (Spoilergefahr!)

It starts with the great love between Mary and the Soldier John Alden. Since John has to go to war and Mary alone remains, he breaks a silver coin and keep both symbolically a half. He promises to be back in a year. In her last night they conceive a child together &# 8211; a no-go in the puritanical particular society of Salem. Mary servant Tituba assumes Mary in the forest an abortion before and so the disaster takes its course&# 8230;

salemWith a great love destroyed everything starts. © WGN

Seven years later comes John, all of the thought that he had died, actually returned to Salem and discovers that the conditions in his old hometown have very pointed, and Mary is now married. John's father was among the first settlers who had built the village with and had landed in 1620 with the Mayflower in North America.

salem Tituba and maryMary and Tituba a common goal. © WGN

John does not know that Mary has become a witch conjures the demons and pursued a secret, perfidious plan. She wants to destroy the Puritans by pushing their delusion so that they consequently accuse an innocent person after the next of witchcraft.

Salem: Cast

Janet Montgomery (Mary) comes from the UK and played for the first time at the age of 12 years on the show Short Change. Many may remember them still from the film Black Swan, as she played the Madeline. Shane West is the John Alden embodies not only actors (for example, Emergency Room, Buffy), but also Singer, songwriter and guitarist. His own band called Jonny What and since 2005 he is also a singer with The Germs *Salem: Trailer & amp; Info.

role nameActress
Mary SibleyJanet Montgomery
John AldenShane West
Cotton MatherSeth Gabel
TitubaAshley Madekwe
Anne HaleTamzin Merchant
Mercy LewisElise Eberle
Magistrate John HaleXander Berkeley
Isaac WaltonIddo Goldberg
Mrs. HaleLara Grice
George SibleyMichael Mulheren
GlorianaAzure Parsons
PeterChristopher Berry
roseDiane Salinger
increase MatherStephen Lang

The first and second season respectively comprise thirteen episodes, the third season is currently in the works, but will probably have a similar scope.

Salem: Marilyn Manson is also a fan of the show

The song from the intro comes from Marilyn Manson, who is also a guest appearance in the third season. The title song is called Cupid Carries A Gun, but also in the composition of the remaining film music Manson is said to have been involved together with Tyler Bates. Manson himself is an avowed fan of the series and his appearance in Salem is certainly impressive, as it was written on his body.

Here's a little teaser preview of the second season of Salem:

9Salem: Second season - a first impression

images & Videos © WGN

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