block contacts in WhatsApp: Everything you should know

You will annoyed with mass messages via WhatsApp? Your ex-girlfriend terrorized you with insults about smartphone news? The stalker will not give up? Then you should the appropriate person at WhatsApp block. How it works and what it has to effect this, learn it in the following lines.

block contacts in WhatsApp: Everything you should know

The impact we focus on the technical side and let the consequences of psychological or similar ones on the sidelines. Have you blocked by a person in WhatsApp, you will receive from this any more messages.

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block contacts in WhatsApp: How To

To block someone on WhatsApp, you will first open the app and there opens the settings on your account. In the next window you select the "Contacts" option and find here the "Blocked Contacts" menu. As a rule, "No" should be here. Taps on the display. In the next window it blocked WhatsApp contacts can unlock it or add people from your contact list to the blocked people by clicking the person icon on the top right. Even people who write to you though, but that are not in your contact list, you can block in WhatsApp. Opens at this point simply the appropriate course of conversation, and selects the "block" option.

whatsapp-contacts-blockLocking and unlocking of contacts in WhatsApp is done quickly

Contacts in WhatsApp block step by step

  • Open Whatsapp settings
  • Calling contacts menu
  • option &# 8220; Blocked contacts&# 8221; choose
  • About Icon Select the top right contacts to block from your contact list

Can blocked WhatsApp contacts to see if you were locked?

Is a person or blocking a chat, you will receive no more messages from this contact, and in this conversation strand. The affected person may also not see when you last active waiting, or whether you are currently online. Even a changed profile picture that contact is no longer displayed, but changes her your status, it is also visible to the blocked contact.

WhatsApp phishing 590x523

Although the blocked person gets no immediate notification that ye have put on the Ignore list, but there are signs that point to a blocking of WhatsApp contact. As mentioned above, the person can no longer see your online status. Further, in the blocked contact only a tick for the sent message, but not the second check for a delivered message is displayed. Based on this evidence you can incidentally itself determine if you ignore a person at the popular Messenger.

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Blocking contacts in WhatsApp Messenger as protection against spam and Hacks

Even if you receive regular unwanted messages from unknown contacts, z. B. spam mails or messages, behind which a WhatsApp hack could hide, you should take up with the contact in your WhatsApp blacklist. This ensures that you have your peace in the Messenger, and do not be bothered. Who wants to delete WhatsApp contacts, should look at the article on the subject.

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