Dark Souls Walkthrough 3: roadmap and checklist of all secrets


  1. Once you have the deacons of the Abyss defeated, speak with Anri and Horace in the fire belt Shrine.
  2. Keep yourselves from the beacon of Farron-festivals from left until it comes to a ruin which is guarded by a sinister spirit. In the ruins you find the Coal of ways for Schmied Andre.
  3. Goes from beacon of Farron festivals straight through the sump to another Estus Shard find next to the sunken ruins.
  4. Goes from beacon Ruins the expanse Stone Gate direction and bends previously left. Follows the wall in order to come to a dead area with fungal monsters on the ground. Here you will also find the Scroll of ways for Orbeck of Vinheim.
  5. Keep yourselves from the beacon of Farron-parties from getting on the right wall past the basilisk, until you come to a cave. Here you will find a treasure chest, the Golden Scroll for Orbeck of Vinheim. Give the sorcery teacher necessarily at least one of the scrolls before the boss fight against the guardian of the abyss. Otherwise, it disappears forever and you can no longer spell learn from him.
  6. The next Undead bone fragments found her shortly after the beacon of Ruins the expanse. Right in front of the stone gate in a ruin, which is full of snails.
  7. Climb up the long ladder next to the ruins of the screw up and you come to Old wolf of Farron, in which her oath &# 8220; Farrons watchdogs&# 8221; receive. In addition, you are the the gesture &# 8220; etiquette of the Legion&# 8221 ;.
  8. In the same room you see a corpse with an object. Goes around the outside and smash the illusion wall to the Ashes of Dream Hunter collect.
  9. Give her the ashes of the Shrine Maiden and invite the fire tape shrine re-emerges Sirris back in to the shrine. Speak with her to the gesture &# 8220; Darkmoon loyalty&# 8221; to obtain. This is crucial to the later oath &# 8220; sinister blade of the moon&# 8221; join.
  10. Do you have Yellow fingers Heysel killed on the path of sacrifice and at least one bleach donated tongue Rosaria, you will find the call sign of Heysel after the beacon of Ruins the expanse. Summons it as a phantom to the gesture &# 8220; depth bowing&# 8221; to obtain. This is only possible as long as the guardian of the abyss is not yet dead. In addition, this action collides again with Sirris&8217; Quest.
  11. Black Hand Gotthard may be called by the guardians of the abyss as a phantom in front of the room. Here you get the gesture &# 8220; By my sword&# 8221;.
  12. Pursues her quest for the casing princes-end, you can also the White Shadows of Londor summon to fight what you the gesture &Duellverbeugung; # 8220&# 8221; bestowed.
dark-souls-3-stone gate-Farron-solidOnly when all the fires are burning, you can go to the boss fight against the guardians of the abyss.

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