Battlefield 4: Cheats, Tips and Tricks – All Levolution events explains

Battlefield 4 is out there and of course you are looking for ways on how you can you give some advantages in first-person shooter. At this point, we offer you Although no Battlefield 4 cheats, but tips and tricks for Levolution events of multiplayer hits of DICE. Is nevertheless also a special treat.

Battlefield 4: Cheats, Tips and Tricks - All Levolution events explains

Since this is in Battlefield 4 is a first person shooter with a strong focus on the multiplayer part, it is certainly understandable that you will find this no cheats that will not lead to a ban from the game. Also hacks we do not support. Take therefore beware, if you find on YouTube or shady sides Cheats Battlefield 4th

Battlefield 4 cheats, tips and tricks: Levolution Guide

Thanks to the Frostbyte 3 engine, the Levolution events have found their way into the multiplayer of Battlefield be slaughtered. 4 Here, dynamic changes to the maps will be made depending on how the players behave. In order to change not only the geographical features of the different multiplayer maps through the Levolution events, but also promoted new tactical approaches, we offer below tips, tricks and tactics to the Battlefield 4 Levolution events of the individual maps.

Battlefield 4: Flood zone / flood area

flood-zone-overviewYou are heavily laden with explosives of all kinds (C4, grenades, rocket launchers, RPGs, SMAWs or other) you can in the Map Flood Zone a small dam near one of the flags at the outer edge of the card discover that appears seriously flawed. Placed your explosives carefully or shooting from a safe distance missiles at the dam and even the map is running at the low roofs within seconds full of water.

Land vehicles such as tanks, jeeps and quads soft jet skis, boats and tanks inflatable boats. Now the sparsely distributed helicopters are a clear advantage tactics when their floating opponents can maltreat from the air.

  • boats: RHIB, PWC, DV-15 Interceptor
  • Light vehicles: MRAP, quad biking, ZFB-05
  • Tank: M1 Abrams, Type 99
  • Helicopter: AH-1Z Viper, UH-1Y Venom, WZ-10, Z-11W
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Battlefield 4: Golmud Railway / Golmud web

Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway

The open Map Golmud Railway offers several Levolution events. So there is a mobile flag on one of the driving engines. Takes one of the two teams the checkpoint, the locomotive is rolling towards your base. Nevertheless, you should not have to wait here, that you can save in your headquarters the supposedly easy to Collaring Flag: These are more of a tourist train for an express train. Protecting the train and the flag so that your opponent does not snatches you the flag.

In addition, located anywhere on the map hidden explosives, called IEDs. This verbuddelten mines left behind immense crater in the field in which can even hide vehicles, and can be triggered electronically or via a nearby explosion.

  • Tank: M1 Abrams, Type 99, LAV 25, ZBD-09
  • Helicopter: WZ-10, Z-11W, AH-6J Little Bird, Super Huey
  • Combat Jets: FA-18 Hornet, F-22 Raptor, J-20

Battlefield 4: Hainan Resort

Hainan resort

You sure have the oil puddles the stranded oil tanker on the distributed islands noticed. Puts her with explosions in flames, your opponents are first, to be converted torches, you'll get through the immense smoke but also has an advantage when it comes coverage.

But there is a second Levolution event on Hainan Resort. So you can with explosive weapons such as explosives or missiles bring the two wings of the hotel to collapse. The destroyed Resort swirls on rubble and obscured the view. In addition, soldiers have to take a detour around the hotel.

  • Light vehicles: MRAP, ZFB-05
  • Tank: LAV-25, ZBD-09
  • Helicopter: AH-6J Little Bird, Z-11W
  • Combat Jets: A-10 thunderbolt, SU-25

Battlefield 4: Zavod 311


The fight for the two factories in the Battlefield 4 Map Zavod 311 has unfortunately offer only a disappointing Levolution effect: Here you can watch the bring chimneys of factories to collapse, by you activate the countdown to an explosive charge in one of the workshops.

  • Light vehicles: MRAP, Vodnik
  • Tank: LAV-25, BMP-2, M1 Abrams, T-90
  • Helicopter: AH-6J Little Bird, Z-11W

Battlefield 4: Operation Locker / Operation &Locker; # 8220&# 8221;

Battlefield 4 Operation Locker

The icy Prison in the snow has only minor ways to take the Levolution moments of Battlefield 4 to complete. Closes the iron doors of the cells thereby preventing ambushes by campers and knife engravers. The metal detectors do not provide Levolution in itself, but we still want to warn you with this tip: Run it, heavily armed as you should be, through it, a piercing alarm.

Destroyed in addition, the Panopticon and the watchtower, so that a direct access to the basement is opened and the guns you can not prevent from entering.

No vehicles in this map


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