The 15 currently most played games on Steam (March 2015 – worldwide)

The 15 currently most played games on Steam (March 2015 - worldwide)

Martin Maciejon 04/03/2015 at 14:25

Steam is now almost indispensable now, if you want to gamble games on the computer. The Games Client can you purchased games - whether to activate online or games dealer around the corner- and start. In addition to the platform that you offer Steam for gambling, you can let you see through the game client various statistics about individual games.

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Thus, can. For example, be determined via an external site which value your Steam account. In addition, you can let you show how you have long played their individual games, which are in your library.

On the following pages you will find the currently most-played games, can currently run hot the Steam servers.

The 15 most played games on Steam

For the current statistics Steam course draws on only the games that are also actively used. Already in April 2014 Ars Technica individual Steam players and profiles has scrutinized, and found that about 37% of all games that are included in your Steam libraries have never been started. Here Valve is probably responsible especially with its sales for the games-dead files. In addition, Valve skin regularly Games bundles at a reasonable price out in which can partly be found again uninteresting games.

Note .: Orig. Article appeared in October, updated on March 4.

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Is your favorite here? Any surprises? Not bad, that Counter-Strike can keep still among the top titles even after 15 years.

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