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"Home is where the heart is" - or, as the iPhone "Home is where the home button is". The traditional centrally mounted below the screen button of each Apple iPhone acts as fastest way to get back to the home screen from time immemorial. What can you do when the home button is broken by 5s, we tell you the following article.

iPhone 5s Home button defective - he works again

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Whether the warranty of your iPhone 5s has expired, or simply you have no desire to confront you with the Apple support or to go to the Apple Store. We show you how you can replace even the Home button of your iPhone.

iPhone 5s Home button defective: Create self-Hand

To repair the home button of the iPhone 5s, you just need the appropriate tools and some skill basically. Who has two left hands and even the apartment is in fire in building with Legos, probably should but rather give his device in the professional repair. Run you there is no danger, you should think about buying a suitable tool set of GIGA Fixxoo. For about 10 euros you have everything there doing what you need to repair the Home button.

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Do you have the tool you need, looks Simply * after really well-illustrated instructions for replacing the Home button to on the website iFixit.com. This is very good indeed understand in English, but by the very good images. An important note at the end - unfortunately it is not possible to provide the new home button with the Touch ID feature. If the home button of the iPhone 5s is once replaced, you can not unlock fingerprint iPhone.

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