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The eXtra Buttons Download sets new buttons on each title bar of Windows applications that greatly simplifies working with the windows. Alternatively, the control may also be effected by means of key combination.

For Windows windows there are only three functions for ages: Minimize, Maximize, and Close. With free eXtra Buttons Download We add new features to make one work fast and smart with windows possible. The new buttons are only a way to control the eXtra Buttons download. Even with shortcut keys, the functions can be achieved. The new features enable the copying of windows, moving backwards or keep in the foreground.

eXtra Buttons

eXtra Buttons Download: Other features of the program

In addition, the windows can be rolled up until only the title bar is visible. This provides a huge space savings, which helps especially for small displays to keep the overview, without having to minimize all windows equal. Minimize is a function that eXtra Buttons also can be better than Windows, dominated by the house. Each window can be placed next to the clock in the system tray, where it appears then as a symbol. If that is too much, anything can be forced into a single symbol &# 8211; and then individual programs retrieve it as in the Windows Start menu. The advantage over the closure of programs is obvious &# 8211; minimized programs are immediately available.

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