Thus, the spam filter works with Apple Mail: flood of spam on Mac narrow

Spam, spam and more spam: No sooner have you created a new mail account, the mailbox of unwanted e-mails seems to overflow. However, with a few tweaks, the tide can contain. We show what features Apple's mail spam filter brings into OS X and can make the settings the user addition. 

Thus, the spam filter works with Apple Mail: flood of spam on Mac narrow

Mail: Viagra, millions in profits and Co.

Apple's spam filter thinks: Without further settings the software fished out obvious joke-mails, packages them in either the folder &Advertising; # 8220&# 8221; or leaves them in the mailbox - depending on the setting. Advertising folder is located in the sidebar Apple Mail and includes, if present, several mailboxes as a subfolder. Every now and then so you can make some room on your hard disk by selecting after right-clicking on the folder delete the command Unwanted advertising ....

Manual tuition: Sun learns the spam filter of Apple Mail

If refined-made spam messages the integrated spam filter go through their fingers and unnoticed end up in the inbox can and the user should help out. By using a right-click (E-mail Mark > As junk ...) indicates accordingly, he teaches the software to screen directly related mails next time.

Spam in the mailbox

If mail, however referred specifically ordered advertising messages or newsletters as junk, you click in the header of the e-mail button &# 8220; Is No advertising&# 8220 ;. By default, invites mail with advertising messages no pictures. The user can with the button &# 8220; ad pictures&# 8221; Show.

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Settings: How Apple Mail goes with advertising to

As Apple's Mail software at the arrival of advertising behaves, the user can adjust the settings of the application. The settings you open either the keyboard shortcut command (cmd) +, (comma) or via the menu bar (Mail > Settings ...).


Basically it can be here, first the filter function on and off. If it is activated, the user can continue to determine whether advertising is featured in the actual inbox or moved into the folder advertising. Those who have not used the software too long, should be possible to determine advertising in normal inbox. So users do not miss any messages that incorrectly identifies mail as junk. Macworld also points out that you have to train the software at first. Who manually marked advertising or &# 8220; demarcated&# 8221; So the software will help in the long run to work better.

can further customize to the behavior of the software through the third point: run own action.

Behind the button &# 8220; more ...&# 8221; hides an OS X typical filter tool. Using a variety of criteria can be put together a list of conditions. Including eventually one determines what should happen when an e-mail corresponds to one or all of create criteria.

Rules Create-mailA list of criteria from different fields, the system offers to the user. They can be combined with each other and create complex filters.

By default, the system does not apply the filter settings, if the sender is a message in your own contacts, has previously been written or message addressed to the full name of the user. The latter is rare in spam is the case, writes Macworld.

If e-mails were already marked on their way through the Internet as a spam message, Apple's Mail software is not even active. At least not if a check mark in &trust mail header junk mail in emails; # 8220&# 8221; is set. A variable declared in its header as advertising mail then undergoes no further filter.

The last window settings ensures that the software filters out advertising before its own rules apply. Rules can be added on the same field in the Mail settings.

Thus, the spam filter works with Apple Mail: flood of spam on Mac narrow

No check mark should be put here if the create rules themselves affect the handling of advertising.

The button labeled &Reset ...; # 8220&# 8221; not only brings the settings back to the original state, but also rejects the learned through the assistance of the user criteria.

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