So Force Touch works on the Huawei Mate S [IFA 2015]

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The "Force touch" function called Apple should find 6s prominent mention in the forthcoming presentation of the iPhone. Who wants to try the feature, however, must not necessarily travel to San Francisco, but also can easily direct his gaze to Berlin. Because the presented ahead of the IFA 2015 Huawei Mate S also has a pressure-sensitive touch screen - at least the premium version with 128 GB of internal storage. What software gimmicks thus be implemented, shows the colleague Amir on camera.

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Huawei Mate S with Force Touch gimmicks

Force Touch is the 128 GB version of the S Mate reserved, which comes in addition also later on the market. Appearing in September versions with 32, respectively 64 GB of internal storage, meanwhile go away empty-handed. However, the delay does not seem to be that the feature is not yet mature &# 8212; in our video everything runs smoothly at first glance. With Force Touch, the user can for example in pictures sensitive reingezoomen (magnifying glass), call shortcuts or even Android&Replace rule navigation buttons; #. 8217 As Richard Yu during the Mate S presentation also demonstrated the Force Touch feature can even conditionally as a scale used.

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There may be patent concerns still, after all Apple has a broad arsenal of Force Touch designs. But Blackberry has come up in this regard to protect one or the other technology. Moreover, it is also unclear how Huawei intends to baptize the feature: Force Touch is a term from Cupertino, which was introduced to the Apple Watch.

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All this does not seem to be clarified final, because a closer date for the launch of the 128 GB version of the S Mate there is not current. also still lacking official information on the price; with a starting price of 649 euros for the 32 GB version, the Force is expected to touch-enabled model, however, probably not be cheap. Another downside is there to swallow: The 128 GB version there will be only in the color gold - certainly not for everyone.

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