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By downloading Sailfish OS you get an Android alternative as a mobile operating system. Sailfish OS is open source and can be installed on a regular Android smartphone.

is developed Sailfish OS on Jolla. Behind the company stuck developer that cooperated well on the mobile operating system MeeGo. Sailfish OS is preinstalled on very few devices. The best-known smartphones with Sailfish OS are the Jolla Phone and Phone Turing. With a little technical knowledge to Sailfish OS can be installed on other Android devices. Yet Sailfish OS is in the development stage, experimental versions are so far only available for selected Nexus devices, such as the Google Nexus fourth To install Sailfish OS precompiled Sailfish OS download packages are available. The installation should be performed by experienced users.

Sailfish OS: Download and install

Just as Android also Sailfish OS based on Linux. In the alternative operating system, Android apps can start normally. It is noteworthy that Sailfish OS without registration, z. As does a Google account or Apple ID.


Who wants to take a look at the Android alternative itself, is an installation guide in the XDA-Developers forum. There is also a link for downloading Sailfish OS is. Prerequisite for the installation of Sailfish OS is a gerootetes Android device with CyanogenMod. The installation should be made at your own risk. There is a version under development, which may lead to errors and bugs and missing many usual smartphone features.

New apps can be installed via the company's own app store Jolla Harbor.

To Jolla Harbor*

Android Alternative Sailfish OS

icon-launcher-storeIn the web site of Jolla numerous hints and information on working with Sailfish OS and operation of the operating system found. Sailfish OS has been tested with a Nexus 4. Even for this year is a new smart phone with the operating system announced. Originally a tablet with Sailfish OS was also scheduled to be released, due to financial problems the SailfishOS tablet, however, was only produced in small quantities.

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