Final Fantasy 15: For commemorative coins and spend

Final Fantasy 15 hidden anywhere on the map commemorative coins for you, which you can redeem for ALTISSIA against important items. For that you have to consult a specific dealer and of course bring sufficient commemorative coins in your wallet. How to get to this page, where you can find the coins and what you can receive as rewards.

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Maybe you have been a few commemorative coins in Final Fantasy 15 collected before you arrived in ALTISSIA and ask yourself what you need them. Once you specialty dealer Alessio You found, the question is clear. He gives you in exchange for commemorative coins as valuable accessories. There are altogether 37 commemorative, what can you either find or even Cactuar can capture.

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Final Fantasy 15: Coins &# 8211; Sites and Cactuar

Should you one meet Cactuar and defeat him, you have a 100% chance to obtain a commemorative coin as a reward. That opponent is, however, not so easy to find. You must go in three different areas:

  • Suffer: Addiction northwest of Hammerhead, north of Long Withe.
  • Duscae: Addiction southwest of Perpetouss base, north of Alstormoors.
  • Cleigne: Addiction east of Steyliff ruin, north of Vaullerey basis.

Unfortunately Cactuar has a spawn time of 15 minutes. Why do not you quickly and easily farms commemorative coins can. Should you, however, a pipe have in your inventory, you can halve the waiting time. Despite this trick but the search is time consuming.

commemorative map

Locations of commemorative coins

Should you sick of having full, to hunt Cactuar, you can roam while Eos 29 Coins Find. The missing 8 coins there behind closed doors in the labyrinths. However, these localities reaches its later in the game. We have you created a list on which you all localities of For commemorative coins can:

  • Commemorative 1: Links from the service station shop in Hammerhead.
  • Commemorative 2: Somewhat removed from the rest area long withe, looking east of the restaurant.
  • Commemorative 3: When hunters settlement you have to look under roofs dealer. To the right is the commemorative coin.
  • Commemorative 4: In the second chapter you find the coin in the Keycatrich hill in a room.
  • Commemorative 5: Northeast should retreat from the search very precisely her area.
  • Commemorative 6: Go to the Chocobo Ranch, behind the counter, a piece backwards.
  • Commemorative 7: To the west of the water i hr can find this coin.
  • Commemorative 8: When the fire source of the Gray Shire grotto you should the way to the exit search.
  • Commemorative 9: When Cauthess Service Area you have the right to seek a building, where you should looking after the commemorative coin.
  • Commemorative coin 10: When Coernix Gas Station Cauthess the coin is over on the other side of the street.
  • Commemorative coin 11: Look around behind the restaurant of Taelpar Service Area.
  • Commemorative coin 12: Go into the Fociaugh Cave. Once you have found the first collectable plant, the coin is in the vicinity.
  • Commemorative coin 13: under Take &Rachefeldzug; # 8220&# 8221; and you come past the Vaullerey basis. There you follow the road and drive past a car park and a fishing spot. Southeast of the site you will find the coin.
  • Commemorative coin 14: Go to the top of Cape Caem.
  • Commemorative coin 15: In Old Lestallum you should go to the restaurant right over. Then you find the coin.
  • Commemorative coin 16: In the Steyliff ruin you come just before the final boss to elementary sources. When the fire source, there is another transition at the end of the coin is found.
  • Commemorative coin 17: In Ravatogha you go to Verinas market and finds the coin right behind the gun shop.
  • Commemorative coin 18: Goes to Burbosts All kinds of and behind the gas station to the left.
  • Commemorative coin 19: Goes to Meldacio Hunter headquarters. There, you have to look around you, between the arms dealer and the Chocobo station. The house is in between the locality.
  • Commemorative coin 20: In ALTISSIA you should have a look to the south cast. There you will find a dealer and should west of it will find the commemorative coin.
  • Commemorative coin 21: In Coernix gas station Alstorland you should cross over to the south the road. You come to a parking lot with car wrecks. Studied between the wreck and you'll find the coin.
  • Commemorative coin 22: In Lestallum you will find three restaurants. Right behind the southern you find the coin, but somewhat distant.
  • Commemorative coin 23: Goes towards the bridge when you arrived at Galdin-Kai. Behind the informant you find the coin in the premises.
  • Commemorative coin 24: Explores the back alleys of Daurell Caves, the right of the path from.
  • Commemorative coin 25: In one of the coastal Tüme Mark Tower you will find a fire source. Run there a little further and turn left. Before the next turn you must go to a dead end and you'll find the coin.
  • Commemorative coin 26: You can find the coin in the complex passages of Pitioss ruins.
  • Commemorative coin 27: In Myrwald you come shortly after arriving in extensive grounds. Look at your card, right corner of the map you will find the coin.
  • Commemorative coin 28: The tubular Malmalam Forest does not require much effort. Behind the fire source you can find the commemorative coin.
  • Commemorative coin 29: In Ravatogha dungeon you have to turn right at the fork. Now keep your eyes on the left side of the road and you'll find the coin well before the retreat.

 Alessio specialty retailer

In ALTISSIA you find the special trader Alessio. Unfortunately, it comes with Gil not very far from him. Yet you certainly have a long commemorative search behind you, you should be able to arouse his interest. Make your way to the gondola station via Palsino and goes over to the restaurant. You'll find Alessio with hat and sunglasses sitting at a table. Looks at our table for all information about the rewards of commemorative coins.

ff 15 commemorativeAlessio sold you good accessories for commemorative coins.
Alessio's rewardcommemorative Coins
Final elixir1
Ice crest4
Fire arms4
Lightning crest4
Dark crest8th
powerful Guardian20
stone Wall30

Good luck with searching!

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