XCOM 2: All Achievements and Trophies – Guide to 100% (update: PS4 and Xbox One)

In XCOM 2 you try the alien occupiers to expel definitively from the earth and is setting up a global resistance army. During the game it turns thereby released Achievements, achievements and trophies for outstanding achievements. What are they and how do you manage the achievements, we tell you in the guide.

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XCOM 2 is the long awaited sequel to the turn-based strategy XCOM: Enemy Unknown and knows how to convince more than in our test. Below, we show you the List of Achievements and its activation conditions. You are still fresh in resistance, looks into our Beginner's Tips for XCOM second

XCOM 2: Announcement Trailer for PS4 and Xbox One

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XCOM 2: Achievements and trophies Overview

Overall, you can 70 Achievements (71 trophies activate on the PlayStation 4) in the game tactics. There are mainly Achievements, if you the game under certain conditions on the level of difficulty Commander or closes higher. The following table can you all achievements and trophies including their unlock conditions remove. Separate tables with the Achievements of DLCs you see below.

Switches all other XCOM 2 trophies.
blood licked-blood leakedgamer core 10bronze
Completes the tactical tutorial.
wie.ein-clockworkLike clockworkgamer core 15bronze
Includes an ambush successfully.
rumors hunterRumors huntersgamer core 10bronze
Enters into a resistance rumor.
loaded and cocked-Locked and Loadedgamer core 10bronze
Improves a weapon.
come backcome backgamer core 20bronze
Kills a Sektoiden, which is set to control a squad member via mind control.
rose-of-resistanceRise of resistancegamer core 10bronze
Makes contact with a region.
scrappedscrappedgamer core 20bronze
Kill an enemy with a vehicle explosion.
hero-of-resistanceHeroes of the resistancegamer core 15bronze
Includes a retaliatory strike from 3 or fewer civilian losses.
tinkerertinkerergamer core 10bronze
Builds an experimental subject in the test area.
space-breathe-forRoom to breathegamer core 20bronze
Kill a viper who strangles a squad member.
harder-faster-stronger-betterHarder, faster, stronger, bettergamer core 10bronze
Equips a soldier from a PKS.
a-terrible-truthA terrible truthgamer core 10bronze
Secure the secret facility data.
mercilessmercilessgamer core 10bronze
Sets the skull plug against a ADVENT officer.
cyber lordCyber ​​Lordgamer core 10bronze
Receive a hack reward with lower chance of success.
have a nice tripGood Tripgamer core 20bronze
Let an enemy plunge to his death.
a-horrible-keyA gruesome keygamer core 10bronze
Recover a Code brain.
rebel radiorebel radiogamer core 10bronze
Built resistance communication.
air upwardair upwardgamer core 10bronze
Improved means.
with-weapons-the-enemyWith the weapons of the enemygamer core 20bronze
Kill an enemy with a gun chopped.
demolition commandodemolition squadgamer core 10bronze
Sabotaged an alien device.
code crackercode breakergamer core 10bronze
Builds the shadows chamber.
david versus goliathDavid and Goliathgamer core 20bronze
Kill a Berserker in melee.
now-am-I-of-deathNow I am deathgamer core 15bronze
Kill 3 enemies with a soldier in a round without using explosives.
last-combat-Last Standgamer core 10bronze
Creates the avatar of the Commander.
a-better-humanA better persongamer core 10bronze
Retrieve the object from the forge.
exceeded-borderExceeded Limitgamer core 10bronze
Complete the Avatar-autopsy.
a-dark-inputA dark entrancegamer core 10bronze
Recover the psychic gate.
the-most dangerous gameThe Most Dangerous Gamegamer core 20bronze
Playing a multiplayer game.
death-of-godDeath of Godgamer core 10bronze
Kill an avatar.
just in timeJust in timegamer core 20bronze
Evacuated a soldier whose bleeding to death timer is still running.
savior-the-earthSavior of the worldgamer core 20bronze
Defeated the aliens on any difficulty.
excaliburExcaliburgamer core 20bronze
Equips a beam weapon fully with superior weapons improvements.
mechlordMechlordgamer core 20bronze
Chop a Sektopoden.
meat-is-more-than-metalMeat is stronger than metalgamer core 20bronze
Kills a Sektopoden in the same train, you where you discover him (single player).
global-resistantglobal resistancegamerscore-30silver
Complete all the available continental bonuses in a single campaign.
beginners luckbeginner's luckgamerscore-30silver
Closes in June or later one use only recruit from.
brutal-collectionbrutal collectiongamerscore-30silver
Sets the skull plug against any type ADVENT soldiers (must not happen within the same game).
walhallaWalhallagamer core 50gold
Finish the game in Ironman mode on Hard &# 8220; Commander&# 8221; or higher.
shadow dealershadow dealergamer core 20bronze
Sold goods worth 1,000 stocks on the black market (over several games possible).
the-sun-goes-never-underThe sun never setsgamerscore-30bronze
Built on every continent a radio relay.
piling-it-onPiled them ongamer core 20bronze
Kill 500 aliens (does not happen within a game).
excellent-timingexcellent timinggamerscore-40silver
Finish the game before July 1 on the Hard &# 8220; Commander&# 8221; or higher.
immortal-commanderimmortal Commandergamer core 50gold
Defeat the aliens on the level of difficulty &# 8220; Legend&# 8221 ;.
shen-legacyShen's legacygamer core 20bronze
Builds a device in any available space of the Avenger.
who-needs-yet-tyganWho needs Tygan?gamerscore-30silver
Closes the final application from only with conventional equipment.
the-few-the-proudThe few. The Proud.gamerscore-40silver
Complete the game on Hard &# 8220; Commander&# 8221; or higher without buying an improvement in troop size.
Closes on the level of difficulty &# 8220; Commander&# 8221; or higher, an insert with a group from which only consists of soldiers of the same class (not recruit).
defender-of-mankindDefender of mankindgamerscore-30silver
Defeat the aliens on the level of difficulty &# 8220; Commander&# 8221 ;.
the-untouchablethe untouchablesgamerscore-40silver
Complete the game on Hard &# 8220; Commander&# 8221; or higher, without losing a single soldier.
Heavy metalHeavy Metalgamerscore-30silver
Kills with each weapon in the game serious an enemy (does not happen within a game).

xcom-2-successes achievements banner

DLC &# 8220; Alien Hunters&# 8221 ;: Achievements and Trophies




a-forbidden-experimentA forbidden experimentgamer core 20bronze
Examines the abandoned research facility.
vipers-vernichterVipers Slayergamer core 15bronze
Kill the Viper rulers.
berserker-breakerBerserker-breakergamer core 15bronze
Kill the Berserker ruler.
archon cancellerArchon cancellergamer core 15bronze
Kill the Archonherrscher.
regicideregicidegamer core 20bronze
Kill all three alien rulers in a game.
deadly arsenaldeadly Arsenalgamer core 20bronze
Complete all hunters weapons of the highest level.
now-am-I-the-meisterNow I am the mastergamerscore-30bronze
Sets all alien rulers Armor abilities in an insert.
hostile takeoverHostile takeovergamer core 20silver
Sets an alien ruler Armor ability against a alien rulers.
regent killerRegent killergamer core 20silver
Kill an alien ruler directly at the first meeting.
a-ass-in-sleeveAn ace in the holegamer core 20silver
Kill an alien ruler as he tried to escape.

DLC &# 8220; Shen&# 8217; s Last Gift&# 8221 ;: Achievements and Trophies




zepter handoverScepter handovergamer core 20silver
Includes the use &# 8216; Lost towers&8217; from.
our-new-menOur new mastersgamer core 15bronze
Conveys a SPARK to the rank of Champions.
rose-of-robotRise of the Robotsgamer core 15bronze
Includes an insert with three or more SPARK units from the squad.
matter-beaten-spiritMatter defeated spiritgamer core 20silver
Defeated an avatar with a SPARK unit.
with-last-kraftWith his last strengthgamer core 15bronze
A SPARK unit survived a commitment they started with less than half health.
with-all-pipapoWith gimmicksgamer core 15bronze
Equips a SPARK-unit with weapons and armor of the highest level.
trigger-trigger-gamer core 15bronze
Lands three shots in one round by the overload capability of SPARK unit.
axis-to-axis-screw-to-schraubAxle to axle, screw&8217; to screw&8217;gamer core 15bronze
Defeated an enemy robots with a SPARK unit.
Sun-hat-dad-it-once-always-doneSo Dad has always done in the pastgamer core 10bronze
Building a SPARK unit.
and-it-has-boom-madeAnd Boom boomgamer core 20bronze
Destroy an enemy-focus rundown MECH before he destroys himself.

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