Tiny Thief: Former paid app now freemium, so you can reclaim his money

"Freemium" - eight small letters, chasing many gamblers a shiver down your spine. Increasingly, developers forgo a purchase price and sat instead on a model with pay in-app purchases. Newest and at the same time probably extreme example is the game Tiny Thief, whose full version was recently replaced by a Freemiumversion. We show how you can reclaim the money from the developer. 

Tiny Thief: Former paid app now freemium, so you can reclaim his money

Middle of last year, it has Tiny Thief managed in the Google Play Store. The point and click adventure game is distributed by Rovio Stars, a sub-label of Rovio, which give the successful people behind Angry Birds smaller developers the opportunity to market their games under the big names. Tiny Thief was the first title that was published under this label and went back then for 2.69 euros over the counter of the Play Store. Not even a year later the full version of the popular game has now been replaced by a freemium version.

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The original game included five levels, each of which was further divided into five episodes. Piquant: the activation of one of the last three episodes now costs 1.79 euros, while all three episodes with 4.49 euros beat to book. So compared to the full version you pay not only significantly more - the crisp rates are also for those who have already paid the full version and want to play the game about on their new smartphone or tablet - TinyThief fans pay in the worst case, twice. As if the expensive change to freemium were not annoying enough, even advertising for other Rovio games is the player at every break now presents that wraps around the screen. Understandably, that dissolves in the Play Store currently angry comments and countless one-star reviews.

To calm things down a bit, but Rovio Stars offers the possibility to claim back the 2.69 euros the full version. For this you have a browser on a PC in the web version of Google Play stores that call "personal orders", "Report a Problem" at Tiny Thief on the option click and then apply for a refund. All in all a simple process and the developers deserve praise for so accommodating to deal with the problem. Nevertheless, to switch to a freemium principle remains an annoyance which tarnishes the otherwise entertaining gameplay of Tiny Thief.

Have you paid for the full version and you will be refunded your money to you now? What do you think of the change to freemium? Opinions on this please in the comments.

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Source: Android Police

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