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iTunes Radio: restrictions in the use

basically iTunes radio. However, users must ensure with scattered commercials expected. However, in our brief test we missed in this country such interruptions. It is quite possible, and our guess: Apple plays only localized advertising. Which there is not yet, however. With the availability of iTunes Radio in Germany, this will certainly change. Completely without advertising it's off only with an active iTunes Match subscription. update: After our one iTunes Radio has heard a longer time on the desktop through iTunes, we must qualify this info a bit. For in iTunes itself advertising is very well displayed - see the screenshot below.


lyrcisAs with other streaming services we can not fast forward or rewind within a song. Skip we could only six songs per hour. However, this is only valid for a single radio station. Have we reached the skip limit, we just change the channel.

From home to iTunes refuses Radio Songs with offensive content to play - "Explicit Lyrics". However, the tutelage of Apple we can handle. In the middle we find an "info icon" (small "i"). tap it and "allow Title Offensive" in connection activate. This adjustment applies to all radio stations, but not for all devices that are associated with that Apple ID.

Sound quality of iTunes Radio

The most important point at the end: How good sounds iTunes Radio? Apple makes far no information on the technical quality of the songs. In any case, the provider uses - as well as in the shop - the AAC codec. The assumptions are ranked between a bit rate of at least 128 kbit / s and the maximum possible in the store value of 256 kbit / s - the latter is the most probable. Accordingly, good sound the songs. Compression losses did not come to our attention - iTunes Radio is superior to any FM radio. Provided one has a reliable Internet connection and good speakers.

Interim results: iTunes Radio rocks

The main obstacle to a private listening with iTunes Radio is currently the Going through an American Apple ID. Users must then usually decide between the streaming service or the domestic services of the iTunes and App Stores. Hopefully Apple iTunes is radio for the local market soon be free. For the user, it is worth it.

Although iTunes provides radio - objectively speaking - not much more than the competition, but none of the Alternativanagebote adds so seamlessly into the existing ecosystem a - an extra app is not necessary. The convincing quality of the streams and can certainly compete with the offered purchase material on the iTunes Store.

For the future, we want a Expansion of the offer. For a real Musikflatrate a la Spotify Premium iTunes radio far - no specific song choice, no offline listening ... For such additional functions certainly would not want a few users pay a small fee to Apple.

+ free
+ blends perfectly into the Apple system
+ Balance of the stations between iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Apple TV
+ good sound quality

- not officially available in Germany
- no direct song selection possible
- not available offline listening


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