Warcraft: The Beginning 2 – Extended Version & amp; Trilogy possible!

The title Warcraft: The Beginning includes quasi the promise of a sequel, a cliffhanger at the end is also there and the revenue that could be achieved so far with the movie, also indicate that Warcraft 2 will hit theaters. Apart from the fact that today actually basically a second portion is produced from it all. the information & Rumors about we have drawn here together. 

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The first answer that Travis Fimmel was at the premiere of Warcraft on the question of a sequel was: &# 8220; ZJA, I need the money!&# 8221; Although this was kidding, ultimately it's exactly that. About 400 million US dollars Warcraft was able to import at the international box office and thus the production slowly but surely comes to profitability. A sequel should therefore nothing stand in the way and Vikings star craze seems to be there to try anyway. the DVD & Blu-ray release of the first film is the way almost at the door and takes place on 29 September 2016th

Warcraft 2: What about the sequel to Warcraft: The Beginning?

Although the film in the United States could not really convince, one can in any way from &# 8220; fantasy Fail of the year&# 8221; talk and its financial implications, hardly anything is a sequel probably in the way. In addition, production has already started with the concept of a trilogy and director Duncan Jones has been devised with the Blizzard-author Chris Benson further sequels and roughly sketched. Whether Universal would give the thing a go, not yet penetrated to the public.

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In an interview with Collider, Duncan Jones also talked a little about the potential plans for the sequels:

&# 8220; Chris Benson and I have already discussed in general terms, how could run the trilogy. We all want to get some rest after this film, he needed three and a half years. We will come back to it when people like the film enough and give us the chance to make some more. The interesting thing is that we'll address other concerns with regard to the characters, as is the case in the game. This gives us more flexibility and freedom, to see things from a different perspective than the one you saw in the game.&# 8221;

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Duncan Jones has mentioned several times that also enough material is available for an extended version, which for the most part just already existing scenes would have to be added back. However, Jones also said that he would make more than three Warcraft movies any way. If the franchise then continued, he would pass the responsibility to someone else.

As soon as we reach to a news Warcraft sequel, we will keep you informed here.

You are you really sure you all Easter Eggs & You found the film allusions?

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