PayPal-mail: “We need their Untersützung” – re-Phishing Alert!

Once again PayPal customers become the target of a fatal phishing attack that is cause for explicit warning. Thankfully, the authors is the same in the heading a missing &# 8220; t&# 8221; escaped. It is hoped that this error immediately catches the recipients of fake e-mails in the eye and the necessary confidence is established. Those who follow the embedded link and the instructions, risking a substantial financial damage caused by the disclosure of his account data on dangerous cyber criminals.

PayPal-mail: & quot; We need their Untersützung & quot; [Sic] - re-Phishing Alert!

It must be explicitly warned in this case: This e-mail belongs, as well as the PayPal payment to Carparts-mail to the gewiefteren phishing attempts. Analysts at Mimikama certify a high danger of this scam because both e-mail and phishing form can come up with high conviction. Apart from the small mistake in the heading and our users little evidence of a fake.

PayPal-mail: &# 8220; We need their Untersützung&# 8221; is a dangerous delusion! No input of data!

Even if the salutation is missing and the misspelling would not have survived a PayPal internal audit in the headline, the email affects content and appearance of relatively plausible.

To log in to the real PayPal*

PayPal phishing email untersuetzung 001

  • Random verification of customer accounts against abuse and for more safety &# 8211; who does not support this, if the service team so friendly asks? Who does not rely that PayPal would use a personal address and no &Untersützung; # 8220&# 8221; this kind requests from its customers, is probably trying to click and verify it.
  • The typical threat of unpleasant consequences, in this case the account suspension for safety reasons, can then be yet another motivation to follow the link.

PayPal email account status: Phishing in oldschool!

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Click here to verify itself: The phishing form

Has up to this point no skepticism set, it becomes increasingly unlikely that the user realizes his error. He is taken to a site whose URL of the original PayPal URL is strongly modeled: &# 8211; who looks here only briefly and without suspicion, is likely to innocently make a log-in on this fake site.

paypal phishing untersuetzung 003Screenshot via ZDDK video

In no event entries may now be made in the following data masks! Only personal data and in the second step of your banking information is requested and everything ends up in people who use this information immediately in order to get to your money. In ZDDK video at end of article you can look at you the progress of the data-phishing exactly.

Phishing scams can be costly!

In many cases, the courts have been kept banks from paying financial compensation to affected users. According to most dishes, it is expected of an average user to deal with the dangers in the network and to take appropriate action. This includes the installation of a current virus scanner and a firewall.

Almost all large companies now serve the data phishers as a cover for their criminal activities and publish so as PayPal also relevant safety information about phishing.

Should you already your data entered, informs PayPal, your bank and the police about the incident!

Via Mimikama and ZDDK

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