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RSAT for Windows 10, the Remote Server Administration Tools, you can download for free in the German with us. With RSAT IT admins can manage 2016 from an ordinary Windows 10 system from remotely Windows Server. For that various tools to choose from such as server administration tools, WSUS Server Manager etc.

RSAT is the abbreviation for the Remote Server Administration Tools or in German: Remote Server Administration Tools. With them, IT administrators can manage the server via remote connection and manage. There used to be this only in English. With us, you can already download the German version, which makes no problems during installation.

Windows 10: The RSAT tools you will find in the administrative Control Panel.Windows 10: The RSAT tools you will find in the administrative Control Panel.

install RSAT for Windows 10

To install RSAT for Windows 10, you go as follows:

  1. Loads the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit file.
  2. Runs it and click OK and accept the license agreement if you agree to these.
  3. Starts Windows 10 then new.
  4. You must not turn on Turn Windows features on or off with RSAT.
  5. But you can configure it there and disable individual tools.
  6. Pushes to Windows + R and type optional features one.
  7. Scroll down to Remote Server Administration Tools. Among them you can see all the tools with entries.
WIndows 10: Here you can configure the RSAT.WIndows 10: Here you can configure the RSAT.

To RSAT for Windows 10 include:

  • Bitlocker Password Recovery Viewer
  • Failover Clustering Tools
  • Group Policy Management Tools
  • IP address management (IPAM) Client
  • Network Controller Tools
  • Network Load Balancing Tools
  • NIC Teaming Tools
  • Shielded VW Tools
  • Active Directory Certificate Services Tools
  • AD DS and AD LDS Tools
  • DHCP Server Tools
  • DNS Server Tools
  • File Services Tools
  • Remote Access Management Tools
  • Remote Desktop Services Tools
  • Volume Activation Tools
  • Windows Server Update Services Tools

RSAT open: Windows 10

The tools of the RSAT found at her, Control Panel, System and Security, Administration. Alternatively, you can simply open the Start menu and search for specific programs such as Active Directory.

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