Telekom: 10 times the data volume for prepaid new customers

You want to leave a prepaid tariff without a contract and a month crash so correctly? Then you should you this offer by Telekom *Telekom: 10 times the data volume for prepaid new customers look at it closer.

Telekom: 10 times the data volume for prepaid new customersSource: German Telekom

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From 03.23. until 23.04.2017 there by Telekom 10-fold data volume on the magenta mobile launch prepaid plans. So you can save you up to 15 GB more in the first month at no extra cost.

But as always, it is important to read the fine print carefully: The action is only for new customers valid and limited to the first month. The bonus LTE volume gets her in the magenta mobile start-tariffs or if you ordered a family card with the Data Start option and activated during the promotional period.

Telekom prepaid action: Benefits at a glance

  • Magenta Mobile Home S: 150 MB + 1.5 GB for 4.95 euros
  • Magenta Mobile Home M: 1 GB + 10 GB for 9.95 euros
  • Magenta Mobile Start L: 1.5 GB + 15 GB for 14,95 EUR

All prepaid cards cost € 9.95 one-time, however, include an initial amount of 10 euros. From this starting balance the cost of the relevant tariff will be charged. Those who opt for magenta mobile Start L must charge 5 euros additionally, otherwise neither the card, the bonus data volumes can still be activated.
Telecom prepaid plans-without a contract

to offer*

EU roaming included: perfect for the holidays

The only downside to the action that you get the bonus LTE volume only in the first month. For those who are planning a summer vacation early, this Angbeot is however quite tempting, because in the magenta mobile tariffs EU Roaming is included. So for only 10 euros you get 11 GB of data in other EU countries. Since this is a prepaid tariff without a contract, you do not denounce it after the expiration of four weeks too.


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