Windows 10: Change app permissions – Here’s

If you apps installed in Windows 10, these inter alia, certain privacy permissions to determine about your position or access your camera and microphone. We show how and where you can change the 10 app permissions on Windows.

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Installed apps have Windows 10 specific permissions that you can configure their own. Also includes:

  • the positioning / tracking
  • the use of the camera and microphone
  • access to contact information
  • the access to the calendar
  • reading and sending SMS or MMS
  • automatic activation / deactivation of broadcast receivers such as Bluetooth
  • automatic starting of apps in the background

We show how you can change the app permissions later and adjust. so goes&# 8217; s.

Windows 10: Change app permissions - Here&# 8217; s

To change the app permissions in Windows 10, do you do the following:

  1. Opens the Windows settings by their presses the key combination Windows + i.
  2. Clicks the button data protection. There all app permissions on the menu items on the left side are stored.
  3. Does the individual menu items from position to background apps one by one by and looking on the right side of the related app permissions. For this you have to optionally further scroll down. However, do not hide behind all menu items adjustable app permissions.
Windows 10: In the privacy settings, the app permissions hide in each menu item.Windows 10: In the privacy settings, the app permissions hide in each menu item.

Unfortunately missing in Windows 10 a sorted according to the respective app overview with their individual permissions. No overview of the required permissions when installing Windows 10 apps appears as one is used to that of Android. This means you have the menu items under the privacy settings work off individually and see what privileges the desired app, and then enable or disable them if necessary.

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The following app permissions can adjust her:

  • Position: Apps that are On, your position and the position curve may retrieve. also &# 8220; the retrieved for apps and services position data for a limited time on the device are saved&# 8221 ;. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not specify what to do with &# 8220; limited time&# 8221; is meant. Therefore, the app seems to be dependent.
  • Camera: Apps that are on A may access the camera and use it.
  • Microphone: Apps that are on A are allowed to use the microphone.
  • Account information: Apps that are On, your account information are authorized to consult these include name, picture and other details. For more information Microsoft refers to its privacy policy.
  • Contacts: Apps that are on a can access your saved contacts.
  • Calendar: Apps that are on A may access your calendar.
  • messaging: Apps that are on a can, read SMS or MMS, or send.
  • Radio reception: Apps that are On, activate under certain circumstances, your wireless technology like Bluetooth to transmit data over it.

    Privacy: By setting this option & quot; With devices synchronize & quot; Windows 10 exchanges also data with non-coupled devices.Privacy: By setting this option &# 8220; synchronize with devices&# 8221; Windows 10 exchanges also data with non-coupled devices.

  • Other devices: Here the option hides Sync with devices. If this is On, apps can automatically exchange information with wireless devices and sync without that you have that coupled with Windows 10th As an example beacons are called, which emit several times a second information. Then comes the Windows 10 device in its vicinity, an app can be started, which is possible sometimes a very accurate positioning of you inside buildings.
  • Background Apps: Apps that are on A, can be run automatically in the background. If you want to see the latest news and messages of WhatsApp and Facebook, you should leave it on the option with these apps. Apps that you do not need, can you provide to Off.

Note: If you disable specific permissions an app, it may happen that this no longer or only partially works. For example, the language assistant Cortana no longer works when the positioning is disabled. Read this and Windows 10: Cortana stopped working despite position detection - Here&# 8217; s back.

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