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Starcraft is one of the best real-time strategy games of all time and is in the world already as a cultural asset. Its development studio Blizzard is a long-established developer of PC games, which has turned in recent years rarely and if so halfheartedly, other platforms. Accordingly, can hardly be expected in the near future with a mobile version of such classic series as Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo. But what does not come through official channels about, is now possible through third-party software: Starcraft, run on an Android tablet, controlled by touch gestures.

Starcraft: Android version with touch control via emulator possible

Until now, the best way to play Starcraft on a tablet, the detour via a Starcraft-ROM of the N64 version and a corresponding emulator. Suboptimal, because the version is choppy and can only be cramped on a simulated Nintendo 64 Copntroller control. However, with a new method, it is also natively, with touch controls and with optimal performance, as the following video, filmed by a shaky ASUS Transformer Prime, proves:

In the video, an emulator called Winulator is used, which is currently in development and will make native x86 code and the necessary Windows APIs on Android devices with ARM CPUs run. The whole thing is a fairly complex process, every game has to be adjusted individually. In the currently available version of the classic strategy game Caesar III only runs. Porting Starcraft with Brood War add-on is currently in progress.

We are really looking forward to the further development of Winulator. Who Caesar III and Starcraft want to try it themselves soon, the free beta of the emulator from the Play Store can bring. Note: A legal full version of the original game will of course also needed.

download: Winulator (Beta)
Winulator (Beta) qr code

If you want to support the development of Winulator, it rises equal to the paid version for 5.99 euros.

download: Winulator (5.99 euros)
Winulator (5.99 euros) qr code

No matter how advanced this method is: For serious reactions of classics of PC gaming history on Android devices as well as space for console games &# 8211; see, among others, Broken Sword. Blizzard, here's a market there, pulls it out real ports into consideration, otherwise do the job just your fans.

I would be the next games the way ports of Monkey Iceland 3, C&C Red Alert 2 and Civilization 2 approve. What PC classics would you like to gamble on Android? Your opinion in the comments.

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