Siri, Alexa and consorts: why is the artificial intelligence for me too stupid (column)

The promises of artificial intelligence - they are called Siri or Alexa and prophesy on our iPhones and echoes a future out of a sci-fi TV. For me, the future is now but in its original packaging in the corner - what's going wrong?

Siri, Alexa and consorts: why is the artificial intelligence for me too stupid (column)Source: iStock, Apple and Amazon

Silicon Valley rotates spins and takes off the future. A view of a golden age in which computers almost read minds and able to anticipate our needs. promise in the present Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa), Microsoft (Cortana) Google (OK Google) and now the Koreans Samsung (Bixby) understanding wizards that ever hear every word and are good for a Plauderstunde. Often, however, it remains at the promises, because in reality, the artificial intelligence (AI) is still clearly stupid. Where there are degrees here, so Siri is considered by far as grenzdebil, Google creates at least ever get the mental management of a nativity child. Well congratulations as well!

My thoughts on the weekend: This new column would provide food for thought, calling for discussion and reflect the "News-Schwall" a week towards the end.

K.O. for AI in practice

Especially on understanding fail virtual receptionists. Colleague Siri often expressed by clear statements, presenting only simple search engine results and professional comrade Alexa on the Amazon Echo attested that they that have not known this and. Google makes some things much better, but right calls not happen here, too.

In practice, I used Siri alone as an egg timer in the kitchen, and even that does not always accident-free. cooking for nuts on visit to the parents' house and attack unannounced to Siri, then mom feels by the initiated conversation involuntarily approached, accosted in and asks what had. Unfortunately, then Siri still listens and naturally misunderstands also often the actual instructions for the timer, since Siri also listen to me and my mother. But even in trautem home with his wife and children, I harvest usually only nervendes frown when Siri is even tried. And Amazon Echo? I was among the first users in Germany - thanks to my Prime membership and my official Saxon primary residence (Amazon did initially try above all "linguistically challenging regions", supplying these preferred). In the end, only a mediocre speaker eigebautem streaming service remains, the rest is and remains gimmick - first time back in the packaging.

In general: From my friends and acquaintances, no one actually uses seriously Siri, Alexa or alternative language assistants. the little children alone - now already in their teens - have recently discovered for itself, "funny" Siri responses to their iPads as a pastime. this is really useful but not at the end.

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Problem: I have to adjust to the AI, the AI ​​is not me

The reason for this dilemma is the acceptance immature man-machine interface of the wizard and "intelligent" speaker - initially curious tried, then off again frustrated. Naturally formulated questions usually end that is at an impasse, if not right the first time, but no later then in the second or third level - a normal conversation does not take place, the Turing test according to which all candidates would fail today still mercilessly.

The artificial intelligence wants me to learn inquiries accurate, adding skills and use certain keywords. Am I next scarce, I reap only misunderstanding and stupid answers. A clever man would instead continue to ask skillfully in order to achieving the clear. The interface is still not universal and instinctive experience - comparable in comparison of graphical operating systems and those with command line. The former are intuitive to learn, but the command line requires precisely formulated inputs. Summary: Siri and Co behave currently more like DOS, UNIX Shell and the likes. but I want a Mac with simple mouse operation! Will not learn commands by heart, but can talk to the wizard, of course. In the course of the past

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Conclusion: The breakthrough will take time

Dear Manufacturer, ceases to sell us your "artificial intelligence" as such. Artificially they may be, rational, they are still a long shot. Since it takes a few years of development to create a similar breakthrough AI like once with the smartphones. Because remember: Before the iPhone and the essential need multi-touch operation, interested first-time buyers (early adopter) multifunctional phones initially had to put up with keyboards, pens and awkward systems. But for the mass was exciting only with the iPhone and its counterparts. Said: The key to success of artificial intelligence and is here equivalent to the natural language and its clever use talking. Matching items on

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