Moving from Android to iOS – so you go

You have enough of Android and want to switch to iOS? Here, contacts, calendar entries, videos, photos and e-mail accounts to be transferred. We show you how that works most easily with the corresponding Apple App "Move to iOS".

In the following video of the YouTube channel scene shows her technique as changes from Android to iOS:


Tip: You can take it the other way and switch from iOS to Android.

Moving from Android to iOS

It's easiest if you install the official app Move to iOS on your Android device in order to get around from your Android smartphone to an iPhone is:

Move to iOSdownloadQR codeMove to iOSDeveloper: Apple Inc.Price: Free

The app transfers according to Apple:

  • contacts
  • calendar
  • News History
  • Camera photos and videos
  • Web bookmarks
  • E-mail accounts

Minimum Requirements

  • iOS 9 | Android 4.0
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad (4th generation) | iPad mini (2nd generation)
  • iPod Touch (6th generation)

Danger: An iPhone has no external microSD card. Checks whether the data of the Android smartphones including the memory card to the internal memory of the iOS device fit. Otherwise, you can here iPhones with enough internal memory for sale:

Best on


  • Purchased Apps are not transferred.
  • Media that are backed up within Apps are not transferred.
With the app With the app "Move to iOS" you can quickly find important data on iOS transmitted. Source: Android


Android device:

  • Connect to power source and turn on (important!).
  • connect to the WLAN.
  • Includes all apps because they can otherwise interfere with data transmission.
  • Installed on Android app Move to iOS.
  • Optional: If you want Chrome bookmarks transferred must first update their Chrome on your Android device.

iOS device:

  • Connect to power source and turn on (important!).
  • SIM card must be in the device.
  • Provides your iPad or iPhone to factory settings if it is not new, and directs it included wireless one.
  • When setting point Apps & dates (Restore) to transfer data from Android and up Continue tap.
  • It appears you a code.

transmitting data:

  1. Launch Android App Move to iOS and Continue tap. Accept the terms and conditions unless you agree.
  2. at Search your code top right "Next" tap and enter the code that the iOS device displays.
  3. Wait some time until the devices have connected.
  4. Selects then made on Android, which data is transmitted to be (Google account, bookmarks, messages, contacts, images, etc.) and typed in "Next".

The transfer of all data may take some time.

  1. If Transfer is complete is on the Android device, the process is complete. Tap on "Done".
  2. The iOS device still expects for a while in front of him, then taps continue with the configuration of the iPhone.
  3. now give a your Apple ID and password. If you still have an Apple account, you will be offered to create an Apple ID.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions provided that you agree and follow the wizard.
  5. The iCloud Keychain you can set it. This is useful if you have a Mac or uses other iOS devices.
  6. activate Siri can even later her.
  7. Decide whether you want to send diagnostic data to Apple or not.

iOS now starts for the first time:

  • Under certain circumstances, asks you to iOS, again set up the Google account. This happens, for example, if your Android device was already quite old.
  • Your photos can be found under the app photos.
  • safari is the default browser in iOS that also your bookmark displays.
  • Your contacts will find in the app contacts.
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Tip: Your old cell phone can you sell now or can recycle in Apple Stores.


If you have problems when transferring data from Android to iOS you had, it writes in the comments so we can help.


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