LG G6 on all sides should be like the flagship smartphone

A reliable indication of the approaching release of a smartphone: The number of rumors. After yesterday the first schemes of LG G6 appeared, the flagship shows today as rendered model in a video from all sides.

LG G6 on all sides should be like the flagship smartphone

The LG G5 still was characterized by a modular design from very different the G6: The successor to LG could put to an industrial design with clearly defined contours. It suggests, at least to the publish @OnLeaks material. As the smartphone from all sides looks, shows the following video:

LG G6 without optical gimmicks

In the past, LG tended frequently to test yourself at the new design. The manufacturer introduced about the time with the G2 the rear power button one, which certainly made sense together with the DoubleTap2Wake feature. In addition, the 2013er Smartphone and the subsequent G3 shone with an optimally used by the display housing. When G4 LG experimented with a back made of genuine leather. This was followed by the modular G5.

LGG6-04 LGG6-021
The LG G6, however, is designed more soberly, according to the current rumors. It seems as if the main focus initially on building a good smartphone. Any experiments are on the back burner. Perhaps the manufacturer enriches even with new software features, previously only details the exterior of the G6 have leaked. While it remains at a dual camera, the rear power button with integrated fingerprint sensor and even a regular headphone connection. All this built LG but offer a clean and efficient style - no surveys for the camera, no unnecessary interruptions and gadgets with different materials.

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LG G6 despite Wireless Charging with metal back?

LGG6-017 LGG6-011
With dimensions of 148.8 x 72.3 x 8.3 millimeters, according @OnLeaks, the smartphone falls also quite narrow, but for still solid. The LG G6 is not petite, but a robust device for everyday life - it give at least the rendering images. An interesting aspect is that LG apparently plans two versions: There would be a version with a matte backside and a variant with a reflective material on the back. Whether metal is used, it is questionable as the G6 can be charged wirelessly alleged. But whether the latest technologies even that would not necessarily an exclusion criterion.

The LG G6 is expected to be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2017th

Source: @OnLeaks via MySmartPrice

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