Fritz box: Activate Parental Control and set up

Anyone who wants to protect his little ones in their online visit to the naked and bloody dangers of the Internet, in the Fritz box has the ability to set parental control. Thus, no additional child safety on the PC is required if you want to block access to certain websites and Internet content.

Fritz box: Activate Parental Control and set up

In addition, you keep with the Fritz box Parental Control Internet behavior of your children, or of certain persons in the household at a glance.

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So you can the Fritz box: Setting Parental Control

The child safety in the Fritz box can be activated not only the computer, but to all devices connected to the router, including about a console or smartphone.

Fritz box: Activate Parental Control and set up

  • For online child protection in the Fritz box different profiles may have created.
  • Opens this, first the user interface of the Fritz box.
  • This reached it by entering the address in the browser
  • Controls the menu "Parental Control" option.
  • If this option is not to be found, look in the "Internet".
  • In some versions of the Fritz box user interface you will find the Parental Control under "Internet" - "filter".
  • Here you can find all the devices that were already once connected to the Fritz box, or are currently connected.
  • Selects the corresponding device for which the parental lock is to be created in the Fritz box.
  • the option enables "access rules active".
  • Now you can specify their individual features parental controls for the available devices.
  • Sets here about the "time limit" one day period you to prevent your children hang around late into the night on the Internet.
  • you give the URL of various Web offerings "Filter for sites" that should no longer be called.
  • Alternatively, you can enter here also single URL that can be exclusively controlled.
  • Will you not laboriously enter all deals individually, you can select "youth-endangering block websites".
  • In this way, no more websites can be opened, which ere placed on the Index by the BPjM.
  • "Network Lock Application" can lock such as games their other online services.

Fritz box: Activate Parental Control and set up

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Fritz box: Activate Parental Control

With the various profiles of the child lock you can u. a. specify:

  • Duration of Internet use
  • Restriction on weekdays
  • Blocking individual websites
  • Whitelist for specific Web
  • Internet Lock for certain services, such. As online games

off Parental control in the Fritz box

Do you want to switch off the child lock, the options made resets easy. To prevent your resourceful kids bypass the Fritz box Parental Control on or off, you should lock with a password to access the user interface. Controls See "System" section - to "Fritz! Box users." There you can the Fritz box password for both the access to the router, as well as the LAN setting. In addition, you can here a Fritz! Box create profile for the child to which the parental control settings are applied.

Other features to protect your little ones can be found with the child safety in 2014 for PC download. With us you also learn how to turn on parental controls on the Kindle and Android Parental Control.

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