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With &# 8220; Anno 1404&# 8243; The developers have done many things differently and better. The most striking
Innovation compared to its predecessor is the oriental setting. In detail, this means for the
Players that there are oriental islands on the map that a completely different flora and fauna
have, as the &# 8220; ordinary&# 8221; fields in &# 8220; Anno 1404&# 8243 ;. Thus, there are completely different
Raw materials and many surprises to be found. But not only new raw materials mined
or are grown, the player can also create an oriental civilization including culture.
In turn, the residents of the East have different needs, on the one hand to be happy
and on the other hand, rise in its level.

Not only that, waiting Anno 1404 with a revised campaign concept on what the
Long term motivation comes strongly to property. So the player can huge under the guidance of the Emperor
build monuments that are not easily placed with a click, but gradually
arise. The individual phases require supplies of goods and raw materials used in
Emissions have to be worried. But of course offers Anno 1404 also old trusted gameplay.
Trade agreements, alliances but also wars are possible.


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