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City Country River is one of the perennial favorites among the classic games to pass the time away from the smartphone, console and Co. After all, here you can only make with paper and pencil for Kurzweil and with one another query your knowledge without additional accessories. With our city country river template as a PDF for printing you can start right away with the next round of questions. The attached City Country river template for Excel can also fill up with their own ideas to create your individual game.

The City Country River download contains both a template for Excel, which can complement the computer to edit it according to your own wishes and add their individual fields. If you already rich the categories of "city", "country" and "river", you can print it to PDF template. In addition, you will find additional fields with which you can grudge hand their game categories here. Also, the score can take notes here.

City Country River Template Download

In urban, rural, river terms must be found for each letter. The letter follows its own option, or in alphabetical order. Falls for. As a choice on the letter "A", the fields with corresponding terms that begin with the letter, filled in for. B. "B":

  • City: Berlin
  • Country: Belgium
  • River: Black River
  • Name: Bernd
  • TV-show: Big Brother
  • Plant: pear tree
  • Animal: Bear
  • Etc.

City Country river template for Excel and PDF format

Are all selected categories filled, the corresponding player "Stop" says. All others must stop at that moment and may not enter any other terms more. Each term there are points that you can distribute it freely. Having found in a column as the only answer, z. B. 20 points in a response that it is different from other players 10 points. If several players come up mitderselben response in a category, the points will be shared with each fifth The city land river template is available here as a free download and can be edited freely. The download is available in ZIP format for a free compression program is needed.

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