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The time has come: Apple opens up the developer conference WWDC 2016 with a keynote speech. Here, the new operating systems are introduced, especially iOS and OS X 10 10/12. And perhaps there are even new hardware. Tracks the event here:

Update: The detailed Firsts see here:

  • iOS 10
  • macOS Sierra
  • Keynote Summary

WWDC 2016: Keynote here in the Live Ticker

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016All information and facts to the performances of the evening can be found here on www.giga.de/apple/
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Thanks for being there!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Tim would like to thank his colleagues, staff and the developer present. The keynote is over.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016120-minute keynote.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Tim summarizes the ideas of the event together. Maybe a "One more thing ..."?
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Many developers from around the world tell the stories behind their apps.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now an emotive video of Apple about "developer" and what impact can have a small app.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Swift Playgrounds will be published today in the Dev Preview, the official version comes with iOS 10 in the App Store and will be free.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Tim is back on stage.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The demo is now coming to the end
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Swift Playgrounds is not only for beginners but also for advanced users:

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Demo continues.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Almost WYSIWYG Swift programming - ON an iPad
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016In a demo is now shown how one can learn the Swift programming in the new Swift Playgrounds app.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New app for users who want to learn programming with SWIFT: SWIFT PLAYGROUNDS
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Tim points out that SWIFT is very easy to learn. SWIFT is the most popular programming language on Github.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Tim Cook is back on stage. Now: Update to Apple's programming language SWIFT. More than 100,000 already build on SWIFT.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016iOS Dev 10 Preview today for developers, beta in July. Officially for these devices in the fall:

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig shows a commercial for iOS 10th

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Great features do not exclude extensive privacy.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig points out how important Apple is the privacy of its users. So many features and analysis as possible be run directly on each user's device (eg face recognition.), Encryption is an essential part of iOS.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016iOS 10

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New feature: You can now work with multiple people at once within an iOS note. Collaborate.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig demonstrates a few of the iMessage apps. One can, for example, purchased in iMessages food, or create gifs.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple goes ALL-IN with the new iMessages.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016With the new iMessage you can even send and receive money.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Third parties can now develop iMessage apps. The news app gets almost its own little App Store for stickers, extensions / add-ons, filters, balloon effects, and much more.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016One can clearly see that the new Messages, or news app is aimed at a younger target group.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016You can also text "invisible ink" to ship. The recipient must then wipe only on the balloon and the message "Scratch"For a special surprise.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016You can always send a "Bubble Effect" give.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Music integration. You can share Apple Music links and the recipient can loshören directly.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016"Digital Touch Photos" photographs or videos, on the one draw and can store emoji.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The new Messages app seems inspired by Snapchat.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Messages analyzes the text and highlights words that can be replaced with emoji, orange. Simply tap this orange words and automatically emoji instead be inserted.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now demo time for the new messages
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Also, you can now also send handwritten messages.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New "Bubble effects", Thus, the bubbles can animate.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Haha! The new Messages app can convert words into Emojis automatically. TAP TAP TAP TAP EMOJI EMOJI EMOJI!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Emoji are now displayed 3x greater in the new news app
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Sharing and taking photos and video works in the new news app even faster.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Video previews for Youtube links.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The news app has been renewed: Rich links in iOS with Preview Links
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New VoIP interface in iOS 10. Instead of a simple notification "New call"You get VoIP calls now as regular phone calls appears.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016iOS 10 can also automatically advertising and spam calls identify:
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New in iOS 10: voicemail transcription.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Also watchOS 3 integrated Home / HomeKit control.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The new Apple TV serves as HomeKit hub. This one can also go home access to the HomeKit devices and control them.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016HomeKit devices can be controlled directly from the lock screen.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Home or HomeKit is also integrated directly into the control center of iOS 10th
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Finally! The new Home app is our frontend for HomeKit. In this app, the user can control all HomeKit devices.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016HomeKit is extended. New App: "HOME"
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Hair Force One Federighi on stage again. Now: HomeKit updates:
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Here, for comparison, the design of Apple Music and Apple News:

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Eddy Cue on stage again: Now "Apple News" a new design. One can clearly see a new design language in iOS 10 (Apple Music and Apple News)

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Music from scratch, not only on iPhone but also iPad, Apple TV and Mac.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Connect is still in Apple Music, but seems not placed so prominently. In its place, a search icon is now.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Connect is still in Apple Music.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New "For you" View displays music, artists and playlists compiled specifically for the jeweligen users. Somewhat reminiscent of the "Weekly mix" Spotify.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Music significantly cleaned up, now also brings Lyrics.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The new "start page" or. "My library" Apple Music
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Demo of the new Apple Music
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The new Apple Music looks much tidier
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Complete redesign of Apple Music

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 201615 million paying subscribers
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now Apple Music:
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016in iOS 10 can be directly from Apple Maps ordered out, for example, an uber or taxi without having to leave the app.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Maps is generally intelligent, automatic and independent displays alternate routes if they are shorter / faster.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Revised real-time navigation:
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Maps, we proactively displays travel / traffic information matching personal habits.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Maps with a completely new design.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Eddy Cue for more new iOS features on stage.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016These memories are available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016These memories function of the Photos app of iOS 10 can also create automatic presentations.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig demonstrates now be compiled automatically as such memories albums.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016You can leave also create automatic albums, called "Memories" (Memories).
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The new Photos app can now automatically sort and identify photos of scenes and content. Example: Search for "automobile", You also get photos displayed on which a car can be seen. #DeepLearning

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Revised Photos app of iOS 10: Face recognition LOCAL on the iOS device!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Siri in iOS 10 is the extensive wizards, what they should actually always be. Siri is no longer just the little wizard hiding behind the home button. She is now integrated into many more features of iOS.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New feature of iOS Siri 10: QuickType. Siri can provide text proposals, quasi autocomplete but with the AI ​​of Siri.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Basically you can theoretically control every app and every app feature with the new Siri in iOS 10, provided that the respective app developer allows.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Siri Messaging has been improved and open to apps like Slack.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016"Siri, send a WeChat message ..."

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Siri gets FINALLY an interface for developers.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now: Siri in iOS 10
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016This "3D touch-ups" you can even as widgets "pinnen" and leave permanently displayed in the new widget view.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016More 3D-touch features for Apps! For third-party apps.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The widgets now live left of the lock screen:
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New Control Center in iOS 10

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New message center
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Notifications on the lock screen have a completely new design.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016In iOS 10 can do a lot more directly from the lockscreen.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now the new features of iOS. iOS 10 activates the lock screen automatically if one picks up the iPhone.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016macOS Sierra is compatible with these Macs:
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Many new features in macOS Sierra. Public Beta in July, final version in the fall. Preview version for developers today.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig demonstrates Apple Pay on the Mac in Safari. Authentication is done eg. Through an iPhone.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig activated Siri with a shortcut key. not really what this is can be seen.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig shows Copy&Paste between iPad and Mac. Copy and paste on the iPad on Mac. Nice!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016"Siri, play off my power ballads playlist." You can also control the music playback, or search on the Web with Siri with Siri.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Siri = voice-controlled Spotlight
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016"Siri, show me files where I worked last week that Ken sent me and which I have marked as a draft."
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Demo time! Siri on the Mac:
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Siri on the Mac!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Sierra supports Picture in Picture mode. Videos can be easily from websites or apps "decouple" and allow parallel play.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig haut out a new feature after another. breathe.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New countries for Apple Pay. As much missing!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Pay is integrated into the safari. If you want to pay with Apple Pay on the Web, will open a drop and it authenticates with Touch ID or the Apple Watch.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Pay comes to the Mac, and more specifically to the Web.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016In addition, optimized and adjusted macOS Sierra the memory of Macs, unneeded files and caches are cleared. So you shoveled free memory.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016macOS Sierra seems to follow in the footsteps of Snow Leopard. Many clever improvements and optimizations.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016macOS Sierra synchronized now even optional desktop along with files and icons thereon between Macs. You can access it (iCloud Drive app) and the iOS device
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New Feature: Universal clipboard! The clipboard between iOS and macOS synchronized. Copy&Paste from device to device!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Auto-Unlock recognizes from the Apple Watch that the owner of the MacBook sits in front and automatically unlocks.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New feature of macOS Sierra: Auto-Unlock. Automatic unlock the Macs!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016macOS Sierra brings improve continuity, improved iCloud features.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016macOS Sierra!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016OS X is used to macOS!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Something does not add up, says Craig.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New name for the Mac operating system!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Craig Federighi is on stage! Now OS X!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The new TVOS comes in the fall.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New "software kits" for TVOS. ReplayKit allows you record gameplay directly to the AppleTV and uploading desselbigen.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The new TVOS now also brings a Darkmode with:

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Who does not know it? To install an app like Magine, Untwitched or Youtube and first has to log. The new feature "Single sign-on" makes logging into apps easier.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Siri can now also start Live TV "Siri, turn on ESPN2." The feature is called "Live Tune-In" for third-party apps, it will probably be for Magine soon.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Siri has been improved. Siri can also search in Youtube and other apps.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016There is a new version of the Remote app for iOS that imititiert the Siri remote. An iPhone is therefore to Siri remote for Apple TV.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now the innovations of TVOS
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Eddy introduces some new third-party apps.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Over 1300 video channels can be received on TVOS.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Eddy is a review of the current TVOS version.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now: TVOS! Eddy Cue comes on stage.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016In general, there are many new features and improvements for developers of watchOS apps. Preview release today. watchOS 3 comes in the fall!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Pay can now also be used on the Apple Watch third-party apps.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Kevin Lynch is back on stage.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016watchOS 3 brings a new fitness function named "Breathe" (To breathe). Just as the Apple Watch now get up already reminded recalls "To breathe" because a couple of times just to breathe deeply calm day. TAKE A DEEP BREATH! (How many of you have now breathed deeply aware;)
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Fitness goals and notifications also been adapted for wheelchair users.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016watchOS 3 also brings new features designed specifically for users of wheelchairs. Among other special fitness tracking. That's great!

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016watchOS 3 want more motivating. So you can incite friends.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016With watchOS 3 can share their fitness activities with family, friends, acquaintances. You can also view the fitness progress of friends.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The fitness functions have been improved.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The new emergency functions of watchOS 3 named "SOS", In an emergency situation, you can press the side button long and restart after a few seconds directly from the watch of an emergency call.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Kevin Lynch is back on stage. Demo's over.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016From top Wipe down (as is known) opens the notifications, swipe from the bottom upwards opens the new control - as in iOS.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Another new Watch Faces: Numerals
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Many improvements and minor enhancements round watchOS 3 from. Apps are now updated in the background, cached in memory, and thus respond faster.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016watchOS 3 also brings a new "dock" With. Recalls the app switcher from iOS - with real-time preview of the app. Whether the adverse effect on the battery life?
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016watchOS 3 Demo:
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Switch between Watch Faces comes with 3 watchOS much faster, easy directly from "Home Screen" left and right swipe.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Other new Watch Faces with progress indicators

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016New Watch Face: Minnie
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016new feature "Scribble" can answer letter by letter "to draw"
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The answers to incoming text messages and SMS has been optimized, made easier and faster.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016watchOS 3 now also comes with a control center, is also mounted from bottom to top.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The checks were revised and accelerated.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Finally no more waiting for loading apps! Up to 7 times faster start and load apps info, thanks in background refresh.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016watchOS 3 is faster, more precisely the apps are faster.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The beginning of today's update makes watchOS. Kevin Lynch is on stage.

  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016have Tim Cook recalls how Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV product categories, of which they are members changed.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016"The Mac has changed the personal computer. The iPhone has changed mobile phones."
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Nearly 50 billion US dollars have been earned through the App Store app developers.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016130 billion app downloads
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now as usual a brief review: 2 million apps in the App Store.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016350 WWDC Scholarships Apple issued this year. The recent WWDC participant this year is 9 years old.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Now it goes on. Tim explained the scope of this year's WWDC, participants from 74 countries.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016In memory of the victims of the attack Tim Cook asks the guests a minute's silence.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Tim Cook devotes the first minutes of the keynote the bereaved relatives and victims of the terror attack in Orlando Florida.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Tim Cook is on stage!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016I would also like track the WWDC keynote, not that it's not like it here, it just seems much more relaxed on the Croatian coast:

    via twitter.com/Laufgeek/...3588373504
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016T minus 15 seconds.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016"Please sit down and turn on their mobile phones silent. The event will begin shortly."
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple Music heats up as a support act in the live stream. Funky!
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016San Francisco, 14 ° C, slightly cloudy, the hair is.

    via engadget.com
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Apple software chief Craig " Hair Force One" Federighi, Ready for Duty.

    via twitter.com/LanceUlan...8654981120
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016T minus 9 minutes.

    via twitter.com/axelseger...5863499776
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The Director of today's events

    via twitter.com/ropiku/st...8883768324
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016If you look closely, you can see the two demo iMacs next probably likely other smaller demonstration units are on the table.

    via twitter.com/lee_cross...9288939520
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The rows are filled ...

    via twitter.com/JoseGalve...3914660864
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016In addition, should now play a major role Apple's voice-activated assistant SIRI.
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016The WWDC is a developers conference, accordingly, are now iOS 10, a new "macOS", New TVOS and watchOS center stage. New hardware we will probably not get to see today.

    All about iOS 10: www.giga.de/downloads/ios-10/
    and all about "macOS" 10:12: www.giga.de/downloads/os-x-10.12/

    (Oh we have for you linked permanently under this ticker)
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016So it looks when thousands of developers from around the world are waiting for the opening keynote of the most important developer conference of the year.

    via twitter.com/jdalrympl...4419329025
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Welcome to preliminary reports this year's WWDC keynote. The doors of Graham Auditorium, where the last iPhone-Event has occurred, are open, the developers flock to the hall.

    via twitter.com/ortwingen...4883860480
  • Ben MillerJune 13, 2016Whether Apple's Eddy Cue again today swinging his hips?

  • Sebastian TrepeschJune 13, 2016Welcome to our live ticker to keynote WWDC 2016! At this point we are today at 18:30 report the Previews from Apple.

In a few minutes today Monday, 06.13.2016, opened CEO Tim Cook and team the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote speech. From 18.30 We are up here in a German reporting live ticker. Tim Cook enters at 19.00 the stage of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

Apple also transmits the event in a Live stream. The innovations we then present on GIGA APPLE and assess them.

Topics WWDC: iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 (MacOS)

Primarily, it will go to the operating system - eventually Apple will give a follow-up to the keynote at WWDC developers in workshops accurate insights. The focus, of course, the systems for iPhone and iPad and Mac are:

  • preview iOS 10
  • preview OS X 10.12

(The names are not yet official, the Mac system could possibly differ from the previous scheme, and MacOS be called.)

But the systems from Apple TV and Apple Watch, TVOS and watchOS will play a role. In recent keynotes Apple also has often hardware presented. Inside information from the United States, according to it will be like nothing this time. Basically, the introduction of the interface Thunderbolt is likely imminent 3, in the course of this Apple MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and other models could update. For details about the subject, see: WWDC analysis: The chances of new hardware.

Generally, Apple has - as always - relatively little betrayed in advance. Let us therefore surprised!


fromSebastian Trepesch

Other topics: macOS Sierra

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    Shortly today's Apple event will start with a presentation of iPhone and iPhone 8 X. We can follow it in a live stream. The technical conditions require the audience this time newer systems than with the keynote in June:


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