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The next OS version of Google's operating system carries far more cryptic name Android M. Now a small notice has appeared in the new Developer Preview, which at least allows a conclusion to the version number: In the new demo mode, the time is automatically set to 5 : found 20 such that the next update will probably released as Android 5.2 and not 6.0. In the Chrome browser for Android there are appropriate instructions. 

discovered reference to version number 5.2: Android M

In the new developer preview Google may have given an indication of the version number of Android M. One of the new features in the second preview of the so-called demo mode. This is intended for developers who want to make screenshots of their apps and suppresses incoming notifications in the status bar. Furthermore, however, 100 percent battery, full wireless network coverage and a modified static time to create uniform screenshots are displayed. What is interesting is that the demo mode, the time just to 5:20 (see picture above) setting.

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This is likely to be a consciously integrated Google gimmick, because in the past have frequently showed screenshots with a certain time indirectly the version number of the next Android OS version. But not only in demo mode, but also in the Chrome browser for Android, there is a hint: because the "Operating System" version Android 5.1.99 is displayed in the settings. It also seems obvious that Android M will have the number 5.2, since it is a medium-sized Update: large enough not to run as a pure maintenance release under a 5.1er version number, but not big enough to get a jump on 6.0 to justify.


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Android M: No final statement on version number possible

On the other hand Google often leads users with internal names astray, so to the final release of Android M no final statement can yet be made. We'll keep you up to date and report as soon as there are new information to it.

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