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Apple has withdrawn the over-the-air update for iOS 3.10 on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. While continuing any trace of a 32-bit version of iOS 10.3.2 beta missing.

iOS 10.3: Apple pulls back update for iPhone 5 / 5cSource: EverythingApplePro / YouTube

It is unclear why Apple has the OTA update from iOS 3.10 for both 32-bit iPhones. Maybe it's the fault of all the apps - has highlighted in the new 32-bit app launcher - including Apple's own applications. This (with iOS 10.3 introduced Overview Settings > General > info > Apps) shows old 32-bit apps that could slow under certain circumstances an iPhone and are no longer supported in future versions of iOS.

Concerned is currently only the OTA version, so the update, which can be imported directly into iOS. The update to iOS 3.10 can still be installed using iTunes.

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No 32-bit beta of iOS 10.3.2

At the same time there is growing evidence that iOS 10.3 could be potentially final version of iOS for old iOS devices with 32-bit chip increase. So there from yesterday presented iOS 10.3.2 beta, which is also available for the participants of the public beta program recently, still no versions for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c or iPad (4th generation).

The first 64-bit iOS device was the iPhone 5s with the A7 chip, which Apple introduced in 2013. Since February 2015 Apple requires its developers who want to offer new apps in the App Store, compatibility with 64-bit systems. Since June 2015, this rule also applies to updates of existing apps.

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In iOS 9 Apple warned for the first time at the start of older 32-bit apps that they can adversely affect the performance of the iOS device. With the introduction of iOS 10.3 of the iPhone maker even went a step further and exacerbating the choice of words at the start of older apps again.

The approaching discontinuation of support for iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c would be unattractive for owners of these devices. But such a decision is not surprising, since both smartphones are now almost four years old.

Source: Apple Insider, EverythingApplePro