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With the WordPress login, you reach the back end so the administrator area of ​​your WordPress blog or your WordPress website. Usually you get to the admin of the page via Direct link &# 8211; is not the case you can find it on wp-login.php. We show you the practical guide how to achieve it the admin login

here goes&# 039; s directly to WordPress Login*

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WordPress is one of the most popular tools to create web pages and manage, both for users and admins easy to use. Administrators reach the backend usually via the Widget Meta, which is usually located on the right edge of the website &# 8211; Here you can also make settings to RSS feeds and comments.

WordPress Admin

  • Topping the list you should see the "Administration" function. Some blogs or pages that is, simply as "Register" (see screenshot).
  • Click it once and you get to the login screen.
  • Here you just give one your login information &# 8211; then you go directly to the backend.
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For WordPress admin login &# 8211; simple method

Some websites or blogs are the widgets are hidden. Maybe not you also have even disabled the meta widget and know now how come her into the dashboard. Do not despair: There is another method to log into the backend and indeed with the login URL wp-admin or wp-login that you eingebt keyboard into the address bar of your browser. Here are the steps that you must perform her:

  1. First calls your internet browser.
  2. Give the address of your website, for example, http://mein-wordpress-blog.de, but suppressed not to enter.
  3. Give one the letters / wp-admin after the address of the page.
  4. With the above example, the full login URL looks like this: http://mein-wordpress-blog.de/wp-admin.
  5. Alternatively, you can enter after the address also /wp-login.php.
  6. That would look like this: http://mein-wordpress-blog.de/wp-login.
  7. Subsequently confirmed her your entry with Enter and get to the login screen.
WordPress LoginWordPress: Here you get to the admin section of WordPress site. Source: WordPress

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log in directly at WordPress.com

Maybe you does not host the blog on your own web space, but operates it directly at wordpress.com. Also in this case you will find the WordPress admin login as described above with the URL Additional wp-login.

  1. Call your page on the browser.
  2. The address structure sees a little different from: The name of the page is still an appendage wordpress.com.
  3. based on the above example looks like this: http://mein-wordpress-blog-wordpress.com.
  4. To get to the login you just add wp-admin or /wp-login.php behind the address and confirmed by pressing Enter.

One last tip: With the symbol wp-admin you come admin login easiest to WordPress. To save you typing the shortcut, but you can also just finished the login address (http://mein-wordpress-blog.de/wp-admin) bookmark. Every time you call the bookmark, it then passes directly to the login area.