What is LTE? All information about the high-speed mobile network

"What is LTE?" Is also a frequently asked question such as "Do I ever LTE?". Answers to both questions and more information on the mobile radio standard "Long Term Evolution" gets her in this article.

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LTE is now firmly established in the mobile Internet &# 8211; the standard offers fast data speeds while surfing on your phone and allows you to retrieve music, videos and web pages at lightning speed mobile. However, many users still ask: &# 8220; What's LTE exactly?&# 8221;

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What is LTE? explained easily

LTE is a mobile communications standard, which is used in Europe, Asia and North America and is a further development of the standards UMTS and HSPA. The technology is usually associated with the fourth generation &# 8211; therefore sometimes speaks in this context of 4G. LTE offers two key advantages compared to its predecessor:

  • Higher download speeds
  • Faster transmission of data

The LTE network is in contrast to previous systems completely aligned to the transmission of data rather than telephony. This manifests itself on the one hand in the much higher download rates: In theory, with LTE Data rates of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbit / s) Download possible. but it is even more important for the consumer the higher speed of transaction: required approximately 60 to 120 milliseconds during a data packet with UMTS to be sent, the data with LTE are only half as much time traveling, namely, between 30 and 60 milliseconds. This leads to considerably faster page views and an overall smoother feeling when surfing.

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Shortly to the abbreviation: LTE stands (German as: long-term evolution) for Long Term Evolution &# 8211; but that should not be understood as meaning that LTE will replace the predecessor. Instead added the new mobile radio standard existing networks &# 8211; in all probability the two techniques will continue to exist for many more years together. But generally that all German network operators are now offering LTE tariffs and reasons referred among customers from above very popular are.

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LTE: Super Fast Internet sense?

LTE is not only faster, but also acts as a kind of second network on the net: The technique was first tested in August 2010 and is since March 2011. Available for many mobile devices. The new radio technology Internet connections are possible as described above with theoretically up to 300 Mbit / s, which are also offered at some providers. But what exactly mean 300 Mbit / s connections anyway?

The same speed that can be achieved with a 100 Mbit / s LTE contract, the performance of a DSL 100,000 contract. So that means that every second 12.5 MB of data can be transferred. This corresponds to about 2 minutes YouTube (per second!) Or six images with very high resolution and quality. And the per second. Is it worth it for the average consumer? The answer is a very clear &# 8220; Jein&# 8221 ;, because it depends above all on how to even use the Internet. Normally, is rather rare that a smartphone requires very large connection speeds, but with growing amounts of data (larger video files, higher resolutions for images on web pages, etc.) increases the desire for a faster data transfer.

LTE speedThe higher transmission speed up surfing with LTE feels much smoother.

The biggest noticeable difference between UMTS and LTE (ie the small &# 8220; H&# 8221; or &# 8220; 4G&# 8221; or. &LTE; # 8220&# 8221) in the toolbar are the ping times. This means that web browsing feels generally faster, even if websites are built just as slow.

LTE is actually only interesting when the UMTS network is patchy expanded in a region. The LTE radio technology is very easy to expand and can be fitted to existing radio towers. To give an overview of the LTE and UMTS network coverage, you should look at the coverage maps of the major wireless operators:

  • T-Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • o2 online
  • E-Plus (previously no LTE network)

What's LTE and LTE-Advanced?

Just as there is the further development of EDGE for GPRS and UMTS are the updated version HSDPA, LTE has been an evolution called LTE Advanced. LTE-A offers over its predecessor greater data bandwidths of up to 1000 Mbit / s. This network standard could be interesting for those where no DSL is developed or are struggling with technical problems like line noise. LTE-A is tested in Germany since the beginning, 2014.

expand LTEEspecially in rural areas LTE offers advantages in that the existing networks are there partially only sketchy.

The LTE Conclusion

For the smartphone LTE is not necessary now but recommended because it makes surfing the mobile network much more pleasant and faster. Interestingly LTE but is especially true if you live in rural areas where no UMTS available and also the DSL offering is rather poor. So LTE is recommended there for the home internet because could use multiple devices diverse multimedia entertainment through low latency and high bandwidths equal.

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