Zalando Outlet Berlin: All information on buying locally

Online shopping is all well and good, but then you are happy and still have to wait at least a day. Prepayment even much longer. , So those who can not wait to go to a retail store of the provider. This is now also at Zalando, even beneficial ... in Zalando Outlet Berlin!

While others are still waiting for the email stuff that clients of outlets in Berlin can strike the same. OK, that's not right now around the corner for most of us, but it's ok a Berlin trip with a shopping spree on the three floors of the Zalando outlets connect. Afterwards again a piece of the road, follow the tracks of the overhead metro over the Oberbaumbrücke and turn left, then you can check off and the visit Point East Side Gallery.

The Zalando Outlet in Berlin Kreuzberg

Zalando has chosen a historic area with the view of his Berlin Outlets, which was used to be poor than chic. But in the meantime, much has changed. And while behind the buildings on the street the spree &# 8211; and former &# 8220; zone boundary&# 8221; &# 8211; runs along the tourists walking around in search of the rebellious Berlin on the Kopenickerstrasse. And inside, customers who want to save while shopping romp.

berlin kreuzberg zalandoZalando has chosen a good corner for its Outlet in Berlin Kreuzberg. Previously, it was not here so chic

The outlet itself is located in the Kopenickerstrasse 20. So &# 8220; at the bottom&# 8221; in Kreuzberg. It can be reached well after a short walk from the subway station Silesian Gate. Once you arrive you are faced with a handsome old industrial building in brick construction.

The previously required Outlet card no longer needs manmittlerweile to shop directly at Zalando. But the Zalando vouchers for the shop or the Zalando Lounge you can not redeem remains.

At more than 1,000 square meters of retail space, a cross section is here through the entire range of Zalando. Shoes, clothing, sporting goods, accessories and much more. In my personal opinion could still stand around a lot more comfortable seating as well, so I can take a break when my baby is no end.

How is the offer in Berlin Zalando Outlet?

The outlet is not Resterampe! Here can be found, organized thematically, an infinite number of products in all sizes, as we find in the online store. Several times a week the business with new merchandise is supplied and that is also necessary. While there is plenty of space, but also many customers. Never so many that there would be a serious scramble, but it is still enough time a product is sold out.

zalando outlet inside berlinZalando Outlet Berlin: location and the goods there's enough! (Source: Zalando)

Since the outlet is open six days a week to evening, the time should be enough for everyone to find something here. And if it takes a little longer again: At the Silesian gate, a city known good kebab!

Currently, Zalando is building a second outlet, which is then but are not in the capital but in Frankfurt. With the opening is expected in the summer, 2014.

Data from Berlin's Outlet:

Zalando Outlet Berlin
Kopenickerstrasse 20
10997 Berlin

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 to 20:00

Website for online registration:

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