Excel does not automatically convert [solution]

Excel does not expect - What to do? Normally, the calculation of formulas in Excel automatically. If that is not the case, has various causes. Read here what you can do then.

If Excel does not expect, then missing the simplest case values. Wait a formula to the values ​​in different cells, then the calculation can only take place when all the values ​​are there. but it can also lie on the data format. Or the calculation is set to "manual". All causes lead to the same result: Excel does not expect! We tell you how you can fix the problems.

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Excel does not expect - causes and solutions

As mentioned earlier, missing only values ​​in the simplest case and already expects Excel do not mind. Can it not also. But even then in the calculation cell containing the formula, a zero. And once you one protrudes slightly, Excel calculates the result. Much more confusing it when seemingly all values ​​are there, but the result is still not calculated is. In addition, the entered values ​​may look more different than is the case with the rest. Recognizable which is at about the orientation of the values ​​in the cells.

excel count-not-worth-text modeNumbers as text, and Excel does not expect!

Error 1: formatting numbers as text

Excel does not expect when there are so above looks in the picture. This then is mostly due to a faulty formatting of the cells. Usually, the cell contents at the start of the format in Excel are formatted "Standard". In this case, the program automatically recognizes many entries and treats numbers as such. Over time, however, tables are ever changed by the editor - that also includes reformatting the cells. Suddenly cells with text from cells with numbers then. Although there are now numbers, Excel treats the data as if it were text. With text but Excel can not count and even the formula no longer works.


  • In that case you have to mark it with the mouse only all affected cells.
  • Then you click with the Right on the marker.
  • From the context menu chooses her Format Cells.
  • In the following window select the formats default or number.
  • Confirm with OK and Excel should be expected again on its own.

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Error 2: Automatic calculation disabled

Newly created tables are set so that they automatically perform calculations when values ​​fit into a formula. However, you can also enable or disable this automatic calculation.

excel count-non-manualenable automatic calculation in Excel

Generally knows Excel in calculating three modes:

  1. Automatically
  2. Automatic except data tables
  3. Manually

We have interested only the first and last case. In the first case, the result of a formula is issued automatically if values ​​exist and are present in the correct format. In the latter case each time must started manual calculation by Excel become. This is done by Press the F9 key.

It is even simpler, however, to activate the automatic calculation in Excel. It works like this:

  • Changes in the top menu strip for Reiter formulas.
  • Pretty far right is the selection calculation options. Click on it.
  • Selected in the following menu Menu item automatically.

Now Excel is expected back by itself. If you format the cell contents in the format "number" that has that you can set the display of decimal places the advantage. This then ensures that, for example, the sum does not appear from 20 to 72.50 as 92.5, but as 92.50.


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