Firefox: Setting the search engine (Yahoo, Google and Co.)

After several years of partnership with search engine giant Google, the makers of Firefox result in a future version of the browser a nondescript at first glance, but still far-reaching change in one: Yahoo will replace Google as the default search engine in Firefox.

Firefox: Setting the search engine (Yahoo, Google and Co.)

Who, therefore, makes fun of the search box at the top right or by a keyword input in the address bar of the browser to look for offers on the net, will in future be forwarded not on Google search results, but ends up with the competition from Yahoo.

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So you can change the default search engine in Firefox

  • The partnership between Firefox and Google lasted at least ten years.
  • After expiry of the Treaty Firefox changes the default search engine, however, in order to Yahoo.
  • Yahoo wants to offer in Firefox a revised search.
  • In the US, the corresponding Firefox update will be rolled out as early as next month, the world's update in the spring should be available.
  • The cooperation between the browser vendors and search engine operators is designed initially for five years.
  • which search engine is used in Firefox by default Who does not want to prescribe, or who has become accustomed to the layout of Google and Yahoo will give no chance to the default search engine may change again in Firefox of

Manage search engines: Firefox

Do you want to change the Firefox default search engine and set Google as a search engine in the browser is as follows:

  1. To the right of the address bar you'll find the search box in Firefox.
  2. Click with the left mouse button on the "Yahoo" icon or the icon of the selected search engine.
  3. Select from the drop down menu now simply the appropriate search engine out who want to use her permanently in Firefox.
  4. Usually several different search engines have already selected after installing Firefox.
  5. In addition, other search engines can be added.
  6. Click this simply "Manage search engines" and then controls the "Manage Search Engines" to.

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