With WinRAR unzip multiple files at once

The WinRAR Download is the first solution on many computers when it comes to extract or contents of compressed files to create your own archives. In order to utilize space optimally, it makes sense to divide archives into several WinRAR files.

Often more RAR Parts are available for downloads from the Internet. So the download does not have a large file in gigabyte dimensions are completed, but can be divided into several smaller sub-archives. WinRAR has no problems whatsoever to unpack several files.

With WinRAR extract multiple files of an entire archive

In many cases, a RAR archive is divided into several parts. The advantage here is that not a large file needs to be downloaded, but the archive can be downloaded in smaller packages piecemeal. Moreover, the risk is less for smaller packages archive that the file maintenance z. As is the case of faulty compression or problems with the data transfer, damaged. You can recognize a WinRAR archive, which consists of several files, ".partxy.rar" at the expanded file extension. "Xy" denotes the rank of the current Part. To select multiple files to unpack in WinRAR, only the start volume has to be unpacked. WinRAR automatically recognizes the following components and processes them independently. Missing a part of the split archive, only the files unzipped to the lack of archive part. In parallel, can also be more files, which do not belong to each other, unpack with WinRAR. Simply highlight any file that is to be extracted in a train and enter WinRAR to push the files from the various archives to disk command.

WinRAR unzip multiple filesIs there an archive of several files, simply unzip the first file with WinRAR

create multiple parts of an archive with Winrar

Archives, which are divided into several parts, are easy to create yourself. Mark the files you want and click the right mouse button. Now select "Add to archive ...". Now WinRAR opens. You can specify a volume size under "General" in the new window. This size indicates how much memory gets a single part archive awarded. Here, several values ​​are already set to burn the individual WinRAR parts on a CD or DVD. but you can also enter your own value as desired. Here you can specify memory sizes of kilobyte size up to gigabyte dimensions. Confirm with "OK" and WinRAR created several parts of the specified size.

WinRAR unzip multiple filesSpecify in WinRAR how big the individual parts are supposed to be for unpacking

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