Mafia 3: All Easter Eggs in the Photogallery

Mafia 3: All Easter Eggs in the Photogallery

Christoph Hagenon 12/10/2016 at 17:35

In Mafia 3 is available in the large game world of New Bordeaux of course a few built Easter Eggs. Over time, more and more of these small amusing moments are discovered and brighten the sometimes one-sided design of the missions. Of secret romances to hidden places, there are a lot of Easter Eggs in Mafia 3 to find.

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Here a first Easter Egg is already hidden in Mafia 3&# 8230;

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Large and small surprises keep the developers of 2K ready for the players of Mafia third Some recognize her only on the distant horizon and some love scene you have to secretly observe the dark out. The Titanic lives and some mysteries to be experienced first hand. The Easter Eggs in Mafia 3 are numerous and creative. Some of them will be hardly noticeable and other exciting definitely direct your attention.

2575Mafia 3: Gameplay Trailer - The World of New Bordeaux 5 - The new Mob

Mafia 3: All Easter Eggs that have been found so far

Who knows how many secrets still waiting for the Community. It is clear that Lincoln Clay not only should have eyes only for money, guns and cars forever, but should even enjoy the view. The first Easter Egg is to be taken literally and therefore definitely start our Photogallery:

  • THE Easter Egg
  • The love scene in &# 8220; Darkroom&# 8221 ;.
  • Fleischer or Rocky Balboa?
  • No TÜV in New Bordeaux &# 8211; Number plates from Mafia second
  • The car in the trees. happened in Australia
  • Breaking Bad in New Bordeaux?

Over time, certainly still more Easter Eggs will be found. One thing we have omitted because it puts too much spoiler with and we want to see you the exciting surprise yourself. A tip: It's about the end of Mafia second

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