Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Unlock Secret end and 100% game completion

In addition to the normal end of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 you can even unlock a secret end which is also required for the 100% game completion. It applies some things to consider and fulfill additional quests. In this guide we explain to you why, as you end the secret and the associated mission &# 8220; Unknown History&# 8221; can unlock. Here, spoiler can not be avoided, be forewarned!

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After her last chapter &# 8220; warrior from the demon world&# 8221; and the Credits of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 have looked at, you may notice that their so no 100% match conclusion have achieved in the Player Statistics. Because in addition you can still Additional secret mission with name &# 8220; Unknown History&# 8221; Unlock who revealed to you the true ending.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: &# 8220; Unknown History&# 8221; Unlock the secret end

The mission &# 8220; Unknown History&# 8221; unlock the secret end, you have to complete five lengthy quest lines in the five time columns, hovering over Conton City. For each completed quest line you get it at the end egg, so you end up in total five eggs must have. This you have to be followed Rou Kaioshin bring near the Time Vault and then still with Trunks speak.

For the Unlocking the secret end earned ye also the hidden Achievement &# 8220; out of the child's fate&# 8221;.

departure-of-destiny childCheck out the fate of the childgamer core 15bronze
The &# 8220; Unknown History&# 8221; completed.

Below, we describe to you the five quest lines in the time column in more detail. Should you not make progress in a quest line, it may be because your Level too low is. In such a case you have to wait and try again later. at the latest Level 75 But should you be able to master all five quest lines.

Egg # 1: Mr. Satan's house

Done all six Saiyamen quests in Mr. Satan's house. If you have entered the house area, turn right and then you may be able find in the yard. They should not be here, you first need with them in Load Range / Kame House speak. The quests of Mr. Satan can you ignore the secret end. Only the Saiyamen quests are important for this.

Egg # 2: Capsule Corporation

completed here all four fights against Vegeta. You can find him on the left side. Should he offer you not fight, you are still too weak and your level is too low. So improve your skills and then come later to Vegeta back.

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2_20161030022030For the egg Capsule Corporation must Vegeta four times defeated.

Egg # 3: Upper elders House

You must the upper house elders defend a total of 10 times. Speak to with Nail in the house area and accept his quest. After you have completed the first quest, you will during the game from time to time a notice in the upper right corner of the screen received that the house is under attack. This is the time when you nail then offers another quest.

During this quest you Dragonballs must gather. The quest consists of six parts and after it jumps back to the beginning. But still you have to continue to make the quests until you have completed a total of ten. Only then is the prerequisite to unlock the secret end is satisfied. Speak to the top elders of your desires of Shenlong strengthened.

Egg # 4: Majin Boos House

feeding Boo until he six children Has. Food be found in the blue orbs, distributed across Conton City. You can find them mostly in the hilly areas. The following video of the YouTube channel PowerPyx also shows you a good farm route.

Egg # 5: Freezers Orbiter

In Freezers spaceship you must complete all 17 quests. Not all quests dive here on and you have to visit the orbiter several times to be able to accept new ones. So completed in between fights or making parallel quests. Then, you'll get a message will appear on the top right that a new quest is available on the spaceship. In addition, the quests always require a certain level, which have to meet her.

the complete Operation of all five questlines you see well again in the following video of the YouTube channel of PowerPyx.

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