Surface Pro (2017): Problems and Solutions Overview

Microsoft sells the new Surface Pro (2017) a few weeks ago and already the first problems have emerged. For some users, the tablet will switch off automatically, in other spins the brightness control or there is backlight bleeding. An overview of errors and solutions:

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Problems of the Surface Pro (2017) Overview

Although the new Surface Pro 2017 may be the best ever Windows-10-tablet Microsoft issues the device but as its predecessor probably not immune. In various forums now Report owner and report on various difficulties. First attempts are, however, failed. Microsoft will probably have to help with updates.

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These problems are known so far:

  • July 17, 2017: More and more owners of the Surface Pro (2017) complain about Backlight Bleeding of the display. Here, a considerably higher brightness is at the bottom of the panel reached, than the rest. The problem already existed with the predecessor. Here are just a replacement of the Surface Pro helps. Whether one is affected, you realize very quickly. Already during setup can be seen clearly in the blue background at the bottom of the display of light streaks.
  • June 22, 2017: The Surface Pro turns off automatically and without prior notice. Repeatedly pressing the power button is necessary to wake up the tablet again. The installation of the latest driver has brought no improvement. After a certain time, the phenomenon appears again. Affected is at least the model with Core-i5 processor. This is no longer actively cooled in the latest generation for the 2017th One can only hope that it is not a problem with the hardware. In software, Microsoft could make improvements if it is because.
  • June 22, 2017: The Brightness of the display changes automatically, although the automatic brightness control is disabled. This occurs particularly often when one adjusts the brightness of the Surface Pro to zero percent. The surface then increases the brightness often self-employed, even though it was not supposed to do that. To fix the problem, you would have to intervene in the registry. Those who do not dare to wait until Microsoft delivers a software update.

Status of the known issues:

  • July 14, 2017: Microsoft has released a firmware update that the issue of independent shutdown is to be solved. It is installed via the normal update feature of Windows 10th Try it out and let love behind feedback.
  • July 13, 2017: Microsoft has confirmed that the problem with the self ausschaltenden Surface Pro (2017) is currently being processed. An update could not be published in the July Patch Tuesday, as the solution is still in the final test. The company will publish more information soon, if the problem is fixed and the update will be rolled out with the solution. For too long it should take no more so. (Source: Microsoft Support)

Support Microsoft employees have volunteered for the affected users already in the forum and asked for more information. Microsoft would have the problems of the new Surface Pro So be aware of and could soon deliver updates.

If you have similar problems with your new Surface Pro (2017), you are welcome to inform us in the comments about it.

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