Secretly filming: This secret cameras look like ‘Buttons

The FOMOcamera is a hit on kickstarter. Ostensibly as a "portable and customizable" action camera touted, it is probably also elsewhere are used.

220FOMOcamera (Kickstarter Video)

Two more weeks, the crowdfunding campaign to FOMOcamera runs on Kickstarter, it more than 95,000 US dollars have already been collected. One notable success - but with bland flavor. Because with detailed consideration to the suspicion that it is not only a particularly fashionable Actioncam here, but a spy device that is not provided by the manufacturer that way.

The FOMOcamera can hardly from a distance of a conventional lapel button differ (Source: FOMO / Kickstarter)The FOMOcamera can hardly from a distance of a conventional lapel button differ (Source: FOMO / Kickstarter)

The 2-megapixel sensor records 1080 pixels in AVI format with 1920 ×. the videos are stored on a 16 GB (optional 32 GB) microSD card. The 240mAh battery provides power for about 90 minutes, is charged via micro USB.

The camera can be adjusted by design, there are several templates to choose from, such as a Christmas or Pokémon look. On a DIY website can upload their own designs.

The FOMOcamera will cost $ 94 and will be delivered in December 2017th For supporters of the Kickstarter campaign, there are discounts.

The FOMOcamera can be freely adapted in their design (Source: Manufacturer)The FOMOcamera can be freely adapted in their design (Source: Manufacturer)Start Photogallery(6 images)should 5 German games you keep in mind: Kickstarter

FOMOcamera: Makes you look so punishable?

So cool it looks, the FOMOcamera is difficult to see in their appearance as a fashion item as a camera - so it could be used to film other people secretly. This is reminiscent of two other cases, namely a charger that is filming and a children's doll that is listening - and secretly.

(Source: FOMOcamera)(Source: FOMOcamera)

Lawmakers have such items in sight: According to § 90 Telecommunications Act (TKG) are prohibited transmission facilities (...) to possess, manufacture, distribute, introduce (...) that mimic their form another object or " which are covered with objects of everyday use and (...) are useful because they work in a particular way and designed to intercept the word is not publicly spoken of another of this unnoticed or take a picture of another of this unnoticed. "

Perhaps this applies to the FOMOcamera to - but that should decide on the best legal experts.

Sources: Kickstarter, Bundesnetzagentur


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